Learning Assistance Dogs

Lena, Jessica, Nicole

Introduction of the learning assistance dog program

The dog-assisted learning program is an innovation of the Department of Special Education to strengthen students’ practical knowledge and social responsibility. Through the intervention of learning aids, we hope to enhance the teaching strategies of our department and to help students with mental and physical disabilities learn more. In addition, the provision of services to tertiary resources in classroom learning will be expanded. To promote learning dogs in collaboration with local primary and secondary schools so that more students can benefit.  

Project philosophy

The Learning Assistance Dog Project aims to integrate the special children’s communication and training mechanisms already in place in the Department of Special Education and the Special Education. 

In the first phase of the project, more than 10 schools have been trained as seed teachers in Pingtung County and Kaohsiung City Education. 

Professional Training for Learning Auxiliary Dog Collars

To train students with educational background to become learning assistants and to implement innovative service modes of communication training. Our school has been providing communication training services for students with special needs in the community for years, and it is characterized by fostering social responsibility for the consideration of the community of college students. To enhance the diversity of communication and social interaction training among students with special needs. It not only enhances students’ learning interest and effectiveness. Training and field service experience of dog handler. To provide our students with another specialty to enhancement. 

Project philosophy

The Learning Assistance Dog Project aims to integrate the special children’s communication and training mechanisms already in place in the Department of Special Education and the Special Education. In the first phase of the project, more than 10 schools have been trained as seed teachers in Pingtung County and Kaohsiung City Education. In the second phase, we will continue to work with Kaohsiung County Education

What is learning assistance dog

The school selects suitable dog breeds and trains them as “learning assistance dogs”. At the same time, it trains special education students and special education teachers with special education expertise to serve as dog leaders; trained dog leaders accompany students with learning assistance dogs to read, learning and also training expression skills. Through the companionship of an assistance dog, it can not only enhance children’s learning motivation and interest, promote learning fluency and oral expression, and let children have a unique learning experience, but can also combine the life education of treating animals well, which has a positive and encouraging effect on school children’s learning.

Children reading with dog leaders and learning assistance dog

Requirements to become a learning assistance dog

  • Suitable dog breeds selected by professional dog trainers
  • Pass basic and advanced obedience training
  • Be able to accompany children gently and stably for a long time

Learning assistance dogs at dog house

BreedPoodleWest Highland White TerrierPoodleMixMixPoodle
Personalitylike to be touched all over her body, close to peoplegluttony, close to people, love to join in fun activitiesstable, close to people, prefer to play with big childrenslow-to-warm-up, docilecurious, gluttonous, close to peoplehospitable, loves to eat, likes to be affectionate
What does it like?likes to eat snacks & sleepmake friends, play with toys, eatlikes to eat everything, likes to bite small puppets, play the game of throw and picklikes to eat everything, like to go for a walk and run outsidego for a walk, eat snacksoccasionally be picky on food, likes to go on a motorcycle ride
How to treat it?treat her tenderly, hug her like hugging a babytouch him tenderlylike to be touched, don’t move too much, approach him slowly and don’t touch his right back footpay more attention to her, sometimes if she is too enthusiastic, she will jump forwardplay the game of throwing and picking with him,
go for a walk with him
Talk to her gently because she is very sensitive to voice. She likes others to touch her tenderly and play with her.

Dog House

Learning Assistance Dog Training Classroom
Communication training classroom for students with special needs

How to become a dog handler

Now, I’d like to tell you how to become a dog handler on our campus.

Special Education Center will seek for new dog handlers on their website every May. If you like dogs, interested in assistance dogs and related service activities, and can cooperate in future training courses and activities, you can apply for it.

After a few days, they will post a list of interviews on website, and all you have to do is to wait for the interview and remember to be on time for it. After passing the interview, the person will call you to inform you that you have been accepted.

But it is not the end for you to completely become a dog handler for the assistance dogs. You have to attend the training course, which will take place in the learning assistance dogs training classroom.

The course will take 3 days to finish the course, and it is designed to introduce you to how they train the learning assistance dogs and to teach you some of the hand gestures that are used in training and how to correct some of the dog’s bad behaviors. After attending the course, you will be able to fill out the schedule of this semester to take care of the dogs. (twice a week if you’re new)

The daily tasks are to help clean the environment, change the water in the dogs’ bowls, feed them, take them to pee and poop outside the classroom, take them for walks, play with them, and help them to be more familiar with the orders such as sit, lie down, or wait.

It may sound easy, but when winter over, you have to take dogs for walks under the bright sun, if you are the only one who is on the shift that time, then you have to take six dogs out at a time, or to walk several times with three dogs or two dogs. Some dogs are also very strong, to control them is not an easy task. Especially Jacky, since he is a big dog, I have to grab the leash with my two hands to barely control him.

Also, some of them are not get along with other dogs, if they see each other, they will start a fight. They will become aggressive when they fight with others. Though you might get bite as you try to stop them, we still need to separate them. Otherwise, they will get hurt. However, I would like to state here that our learning assistance dogs do not attack people in most situations, except in the situation that I mentioned earlier.

In addition to our daily work, every weekend we have reading programs at some libraries in Pingtung. They’re free for people to attend. The main purpose is for the children to read storybook to the dogs, since that’s our learning assistance dogs’ job.

We’ll let prepare stickers and postcards that have dogs’ faces on to be the present for those children after they read the storybook to the dogs. And give them some dog treats to interact with dogs, which could help them to be more comfortable with our dogs and also could let dogs get their reward.

During the semester, besides our weekend activities in the libraries, we will occasionally go to other elementary schools, junior high schools, or universities to promote our school’s learning assistance dogs so that more people can get to know them.

Being a dog handler can sometimes be very busy and tiring, especially during midterms and finals, but every time I enter the training classroom, every dog welcomes me warmly and it would also help me a lot when I want to get a dog in the future. Although we are all seniors now and can’t be a dog handler, if you are interested in our dogs, every semester they will be in Student Counseling Center once a week, and you can follow their Instagram, they will post the dates for the activities there, so you can go and see them.

Welcome to 80’s spooky world: Stranger Things

Hello everyone! We are Gilbert and Alan.

Today we would like to talk about some reviews and thoughts after watching Stranger Things.

Brief introduction

An American science fiction horror television series
 the Duffer Brothers

4 seasons (July 15th, 2016- July 1st, 2022)
Season 1 – 8 episodes
Seanson 2 – 9 episodes
Season 3 – 8 episodes
Season 4 – 9 episodes

50 minutes / each episode

Stranger Things is set in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory ostensibly performs scientific research for the United States Department of Energy, but secretly does experiments into the paranormal and supernatural, including those that involve human test subjects. Inadvertently, they have created a portal to an alternate dimension, “the Upside Down.” The influence of the Upside Down starts to affect the unknowing residents of Hawkins in calamitous ways. 


80’s trends


Despite its pillow-clenching moments of horror and sweet ’80s nostalgia, the deeper appeal of Stranger Things lies in its exploration of relationships. In particular, there are themes of fatherhood, resilience, and self-giving love. Ultimately, the show’s heart and humour stops it from being a simple gore-fest, transcending the horror genre to become a powerful story about friendship, redemption, and the victory of good against evil. 


As a cop at Hawkins, Hopper struggles to express his feelings, and his instinct to protect others can at times become controlling and aggressive. He can seem seriously lacking in empathy; yet his saving grace is his openness to the feminine, which balances and redeems his masculinity just when it’s about to go off course. It’s his interaction with and trust of Joyce Byer’s heroic mother nature that draws out his best self: when he’s listening and working with her to save the kids and the town of Hawkins, he emerges as a truly heroic father figure.


Eleven embodies both strength and softness with her telekenitic powers. Like any child, she craves love and belonging, having an innate sense of justice and mercy that keeps her powers for violence in check. The feminine aspects of her personality was her empathy, enhancing her strength and heroism. Eleven is an interesting combination of damage and redemption. it is her anger, magnified by her psycho-kinetic abilities, that opens up the gateway to the terrifying Upside Down in the first place. It is her emerging ability to love which then repairs it, against all the odds.

Will & resistance against evil

When Will is possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2, his inherently good nature enables him to resist the evil that’s using his body and mind just enough to communicate with his loved ones, confirming that no matter how irresistible the forces of darkness might seem, we always have a choice to fight it. In this sense, Stranger Things can be read as an interesting commentary on our culture’s blind participation in mindless mass consumption, and the destruction of our environment and vulnerable human life.

Connection to our lives

I’m a huge fan of science fiction. Therefore, I’ve watched a number of movies and TV series in this category, and as we normally acknowledged, movies or TV series that have sci-fi themes mostly set their stories in the future world, sometimes even a dystopian one. However, in Stranger Things, there are futuristic elements happening in the 1980s of Hawkins, the time technology was not that much developed than nowadays’ and a more realistic place for sci-fi elements. In my opinion, It’s quite refreshing because it creates a conflicting aesthetics which is one of the reasons why I personally love about this series!
For me, I like watching “Stranger Things” very much because there are both touching and funny scenes in this show. I typically like American’s high school scene since it’s a free place for students to show themselves. For example, they don’t need to wear uniforms like Taiwan’s students do and there aren’t lots of school’s regulations. Also, I like the protagonists’ friendship, love and family relationship in this series because their close connection with each other is the key to fighting the evil forces. If they don’t work together and help each other when facing difficulty, this show will be boring and unworthy for audiences to watch. This show teaches audience that we should cherish the time with our friends and family since we won’t know what will happen in the future.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

An audience named Tweekums comments that “Stranger Things” is a great series which includes nostalgia, horror and sci-fi. Although he grows up in rural Oxford shire instead of small town in America, he really likes the nostalgia factor because he is in his early teens in the early eighties. He thinks the series is fantastic because the story provides not only some good scary moments but also a great atmosphere with threats which are a combination of fantasy and sci-fi and dangerous monsters. The characters are great, especially the boys, Eleven, Will’s mother, Joyce and Jim Hopper, the town’s sheriff. What’s more, the effects, an impressive mix of CGI and physical effects, are also good since they impressively bring the supernatural elements of the film to real life. To sum up, he’d certainly recommend this series to fans of the genre.  

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Wils comments that season 4 is a good show is a good show but not for younger kids because it’s more horrible than other seasons. There are lots of torture and grizzly death in season 4. Wils thinks it’s a high-quality show for adults and older kids since there are lots of suspense, story slowly unfolds and 80’s nostalgia in it. However, season 4 is a little over the top in general because bullying is written and filmed and there are less realistic plot lines than other seasons, but it’s still entertaining. Season 1 and 2 are more suitable for kids below 16 to watch and season 3 and season 4 have to go with kids above 16.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Rigier considers the best part of the series is the character progression. This show has many characters and it gives them such interesting growth. Also, this show is full of unexpected plot twists and never skips a beat. From its opening theme to its great acting, to its constant flow of quips, and undeniable tension with the highest stakes possible, “Stranger Things” is among the very top shows in the streaming platform. Although it may seem to be catered to a younger audience, it really isn’t. It treats its youngsters as adults, something that was common in the ’80’s but seems lost too often in these times. So, don’t deprive yourself of this one, the opening theme alone will make it worthwhile. Go watch. Now. 


After watching the whole series, I’m obsessed with the plot, the twists, and especially the main characters. Stranger Things is ultimately a study in love and relationships, and what makes us different from the forces of evil as the “Mind Flayer” in the show. While powerful and terrifying as evil is, it’s fascinating to see that a group of kids and teenagers can resist and eventually outwit it. From my perspective, it’s inspirational that the show is trying to remind us childlike imagination and the power of love and friendship may be stronger than we think. Stranger Things perfectly combines horrifying, hilarious, touching, and profound elements together which I personally think is impressive. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to watch it!

Sense of guilt is talked about in “Stranger Things”. Sense of guilt is a combination of anxiety, fear, shame and frustration. It causes people to be hopeless and depressed when they feel guilty. Take Max for example, she feels guilty since she thinks she’s the person who kills her brother, Billy. Therefore, she becomes the killing target of the antagonist, Vecna, in season 4. In my opinion, I think everyone more or less has their sense of guilt in their daily life such as doing a bad thing to a person or not doing homework. The best way to face sense of guilt is not keeping away from it but solving it with forgiveness and acceptance. Only with forgiveness and acceptance, we can truly not let sense of guilt bother our life. For me, Billy’s death isn’t related to Max because it’s his choice to sacrifice himself to protect Eleven. His brave action is what we need to learn. Go watch this TV series if you haven’t watched it yet!  


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About Cocktail…

Robert, Katniss, Eric, Rock and Roll Alan, Jammie

by Robert

Short Introduction:

Feel depressed about life? Miss your Mr. or Ms. right? If your life is cloudy, why not get into a bar and have cocktails for pleasure? With the cocktail’s incredible magic, you can leave those annoying trifles temporarily and restart your life. Today, we are going to talk about the amazing beverage – Cocktail

The Orign & History about Cocktail

People nowadays consider cocktail as the symbol of alcoholic beverages. However, have you ever thought why it has something to do with the tail of roosters? Did the cute creatures help human beings make the drink? Well, the answer is “No”, but the word “Cock- tail ” can imply the feature of these attractive drinks’ names.

According to BBC News, “Cock-tail was long used for horses whose tails are docked, giving them a fan-like shape like a rooster’s tail.

These were often working or rough-country horses, so the term sometimes denoted a cross-breed rather than a thoroughbred.”

In this way, “Cock- tail” carries the idea of mixing different things.

Nevertheless, until 1806, “cocktail” finally refers to drinks.

This year, the editor of Balance and Columbian Repository (a newspaper in New York City) defined a cocktail as a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind – sugar, water, and bitters.

This is the first time “cocktail” has been used as the name of drinks instead of the tail of a rooster or horse.

Besides its name, the origin of the cocktail is still controversial. In the following sections, let’s talk about two famous versions. 

The Bar in Elmsford

The first cocktail can be traced back to a bar in Elmsford New York. In 1776, when a bar was going to close for the day, some soldiers came for drinks.

Unfortunately, the wine sold out at that time. In this situation, Besty Flanagan, who was the owner of the bar, mixed all the liquor and decorated the wineglass with a rooster’s feather.

The soldiers enjoyed this drink and asked for the drink’s name. Flanagan then said it was a “cocktail”! This is the most well-known story of the cocktail’s origin.


Elmosford, New York

The Bar in Campeche

Many years ago, a British warship berthed in Mexico Campeche. Then the soldiers came to a town bar for some liquor. The waiter here used a twig to stir the beverage for them. After drinking the wine, a soldier thought it was the best beverage he had ever tasted and asked the name of it.

However, the waiter thought he was talking about the twig and answered “Cola de Gallo” which means the tail of a rooster in Spanish. After all, the twig looked like the rooster’s feather. Obviously, both the solider and waiter misunderstood the conversation, nevetheless, the people started to call this alcoholic beverage “cocktail .”

The origin of cocktail is controversial, but there is one certain thing- cocktail is tasty!

Now I am going to introduce a famous cocktail called Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon 藍色珊瑚礁

Blue Lagoon originated in French Pair. Just like its name, Blue Lagoon is known for its fantastic appearance.

This drink looks like a sky-blue ocean with bubbles on it. Now let me show you how to make this drink by yourself. All of the ingredients are easy to purchase.

The ingredients to make Blue Lagoon

Total : 1005 NT dollars

How to make Blue Lagoon

Step 1: Put the ice cubes into wineglass

Step 2: Use the shooter (盎司杯) to pour Vodka into wineglass

Step 3: Mixed the lemon juice with the Vodka in wineglass

Step 4: Pour blue curacao liqueur and soda into wineglass

Step 5: Decorate the wineglass with a piece of lemon.

*Personal Experience

Just like its name, blue lagoon brings me a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. The perfect mix of Vodka and blue curacao liqueur create an incredible taste.

As the first cocktail with a soft drink, blue lagoon is suitable for people who want a cup of drink on the weekends but don’t like the taste of liquor. The orange taste softens the Vodka smoothly but retains its unique taste at the same time.

After giving it a try, I strongly recommend everyone drink it in person.

Common Base Wine for Cocktails

by Katniss

   Generally speaking, cocktails are composed of three parts: base wine, auxiliary materials, and decorations. The base wine is the core of cocktails which constitutes the main source of taste and taste of this cocktail. Following are six of the most common base wines for cocktails.


It is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, Mexico. Generally contain 38–55% alcohol by volume.


 It is a distilled spirit of cocktails that is made from grain and flavored with botanicals.


It was born in Cuba and has three flavors: light, medium and strong. In addition, light rums are usually used as cocktail bases.


It is a distilled spirit produced from fermented fruit which has a strong fragrance and mellow taste. Grapes are the most common ingredient, and generally contain 35-60% alcohol by volume.


It is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash including barley, corn, rye, and wheat.


It is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage which was born in Russia.

Now I am going to introduce the classic cocktail—long island iced tea.

Long Island Iced Tea 長島冰茶

It is typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola. The characteristic of this cocktail is that because of its sweet taste, it overpowers the strong taste of alcohol and makes people unknowingly drink too much and get drunk.

*Personal Experience

To be honest, Long island iced tea and I just like old homies.

We have spent several incredibly crazy nights together. Because of its sweet taste, I can barely feel the taste of alcohol, so I always drink too much.

At the first beginning, I usually feel kind of dizzy and soon the adrenaline will bring me to another world.

All in all, according to my personal experience, I suggest that girls should be aware and careful while drinking long island iced tea at a bar.


Common Snacks for Cocktails

by Eric

Sometimes, it is better to drink cocktails with some snack. If you can choose the right finger food, your booze will taste twice better. Here are some typical snacks which are suitable for cocktails.

Bar Etiquette

Like in every social occasion, there are also rules you must follow in a cocktail bar. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself, it is better to remember the principles below.

1. Dresscode

It is okay to wear casually but don’t wear slippers, shorts, or a tank top to a bar. It is more appropriate to wear sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt than that.

2. Ordering

Before you make an order, you should have already made up your mind on what to drink. If you say, “surprise me,” the bartender only gets confused because he doesn’t know what kind of flavor you like. Consequently, you may get a glass of drink you dislike.

If you really don’t know the cocktail’s name or what to order, you can tell your fond taste to the bartender. Thus, he or she can serve you a decent drink according to your saying.

3. Don’t ask the bartender to add alcohol

If you think the cocktail is not strong enough, do not demand the bartender to add more alcohol to your drink. This action implies that you think the bartender is unprofessional. To avoid this impolite deed, follow the second rule above.

4. Don’t play around or make loud noises

It is inevitable to get carried away, as you get drunk. However, it is forbidden to go crazy in a bar because you may affect other customers’ right to enjoy their sips.

5. Don’t drunk driving

Last but the most important rule of all, do not drive while you are drunk. You may get caught by police and forced to pay an enormous amount of fine. What’s worse, you may even kill an innocent person accidently.

Call a cab or a friend to carry you home is the best solution. 


The Screwdriver was one of the first recorded cocktails to be made with vodka and, unlike many other classic combinations, it was not created by a bartender in some fancy bar. Instead, it was made by American oil workers out in the Persian Gulf in the mid-20th century.

While working, they would secretly pour a little vodka into their orange juice and, in the absence of a spoon, they would stir their drinks with a screwdriver – hence the name.

Enough background story, let’s jump into the making section.

Materials you need

Total:425 NT dollars

How to make Screwdriver

Step1: Mix 2 parts orange juice with 1 part vodka.

Step2: Stir together in a glass with ice.

*Personal Experience

To be honest, it is nothing different from a glass of regular orange juice. I barely sense the flavor of vodka. Therefore, it is easy to drink a whole glass of screwdriver even though there is liquor in it.

I highly recommend this classic cocktail to those who want to try cocktails but can’t bear the strong texture in alcohol.

Introduce a bar out of ordinary: Tickle My Fantasy

by Rock and Roll Alan


Have you ever heard of a library bar?

A bar that you got to be extremely quiet and behaved, or else you’ll get kicked out by the bartender in no time! Upon you step into the front of the store, the first thing you gonna hear will be the owner warning you to keep quiet, nor shouting or ice breaking games.

Tickle My Fantasy’s number one rule, “Please abide by the rules, or else you won’t be happy here.”  

Today I want to recommend an outstanding bar that I accidentally found in Taipei Xinyi.

It was a stormy midnight that I already wandered for three hours with friends on Taipei streets.

Just expecting some bars or bistros to dine there and meet some girls. :))

Unfortunately, we stumbled upon a bar that can’t talk out loud and playing games :((

So no socializing at all, only chatting in whispers with your friends. It’s almost the best place that you can indulge yourself in the pleasure of relaxing and alcohol.

*Recommend drink

Red wine sour $350

For a rookie drinker like me, you won’t be disappointed for this red wine sour. For the taste is fragrant enough and the sweetness was on spot. But for many professional drinkers like Katniss, they will definitely look down on it, which is not strong enough to make you drunk. Meanwhile, I enjoy this glass of wine very much with roast duck livers which was amazing to go with wine ngl.

Roast duck livers was a secret dish that is not on the menu, so we’re really lucky to have a taste for this serendipity.

The bar’s location is near the MRT station and TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) where my internship take place.

Address: No. 8, Section 2, Anhe Road, Daan District, Taipei City 106

Open hours: 19:00–03:00

Tel: 02 2709 0106

Different Types of Bar

by Jammie

There are several types of bars with their unique names and features. The categories are limitless, depending on some different factors like location, scene, appealing bar design features, a great customized playlist, and most importantly, the mood.

Live Music Bar

Live music bars feature live music that have a stage for a band or DJ to perform, and a dance floor for guests to dance along. Live music venue is focus on concerts and hosting musical talent, also usually have a bar area for people to get drinks while enjoying the show.

What’s more, live music creates a social vibe. Playing live music can create an atmosphere of joyfulness, freedom and familiarity that boosts you to meet new people. In the relaxing atmosphere, people are more likely to talk to different person and possibly make good friends.

Sport Bar

Sports bars tend to be very casual and focused more on providing entertainment than serving unique drinks.

Games and sporting events are guaranteed to be on display on TV screens throughout the bar. It offers a place for people to gather and cheer on their favorite team. Sports bars usually offer a food menu, featuring classic food like wings and nachos, and some offer wine and spirits as well. The atmosphere of sports bars are the interior with some photographs of popular players and teams.

College Bar

College bars are ideally suited to college students. Most of them are located around campus which can easily go there even if you don’t have a car. The bars are full of life and energy, so if this is the vibe you are looking for, the college bar is the place to be.

Most of the bartenders in college bars are college students. It might not be the most quality tasting drink, but when you’re in college, it’s always quantity over quality.

Drink specials at college bars feature crazy cheap drink. For example, “Tequila Tuesday” means one dollar tequila shots and lasted all night, or every Wednesday’s “Drown Night” from 9 p.m. to close. You can pay ten dollars at the door and then drink as much as you cannot handle. That’s why it is often to see an explosion of different colored puke in the toilets and sinks in the college bar. 😛

Nostalgia Bars

The Nostalgia bars depict ancient eras of bars in modern times.

A nostalgia bar began in the prohibition era (禁酒令時期) that has a theme devoted to old movies or music.

These bars are characterized mainly by old black-and-white photos and yellowed newspaper articles on the walls.They simply provide basic wine and beer rather than creative and fancy cocktails because they are pretty simple in design and general look.

However, if you want a drink that was popular decades ago, they will certainly be able to create one for you.

Margarita 瑪格麗特

Margarita combines tequila, orange-flavored brandy, and lime juice.

It usually has a sweet-sour flavor, featuring a perfect balance between sweet and sour. It is served in a glass with its rim covered in salt.

How to make Margarita

Step1: To prepare rim, rub the rim of the glass with the lime wedge.

Step 2: With the salt on a saucer, dip either half or the entire rim of the glass in the salt to coat.

Step 3: In a cocktail shaker, add ice, tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and agave.

Step 4: Shake to chill.

Step 5: Strain into prepared glass.

Step 6: Garnish with a lime wedge.

Revitalizing Margarita Flavors

  • Passion Fruit Margarita
  • Watermelon Margarita
  • Spicy Mango Margarita
  • Frozen Coconut Margarita
  • Spicy Lime Margarita
  • Sour Citrus Margarita

*February 22, National Margarita Day!

Release Pressure- Singing in the Karaoke.

Editing by Sharon Wu, Melody Chen and Joanna Chang.


The word, Karaoke, first appeared in 1956 in Japan. It was related to an opera troupe. Their members went on strike so they were forced to stop their performance. An electrical store provided the accompaniment and the opera troupe could do their performance as usual. The accompaniment relied on the electronic machine was not played by people.


Karaoke was not created by someone because its system, hardware, software and service were supplied by different people. While most people believe that Inoue Daisuke(井上大佑) is the person who first invented the karaoke machine and he created it in 1971. He was a musician in his youth, employed in backing businessman who wanted to sing in bars, and invented the machine as a means of allowing them to sing without live back-up. He did not patent the machine and so did not directly profit, but he continued to work in the industry it generated, including patenting a pesticide for karaoke machines.


  • Cashbox Partyworld(錢櫃)

The first KTV chains in Taiwan. The company opened its first store on Linsen N. Rd in Taipei in March in 1989 and at the end of that year, they opened five branches. Today, they have 18 branches all over Taiwan.

  • Holiday(好樂迪)

Founded in April 10th in 1993 on Minsheng E. Rd in Taipei. It was the first karaoke company which used the computer system to play songs in Taiwan and they also created a customer satisfaction scoring system in 1995. And now they have 54 branches in Taiwan.

Recently, mini boxes have become more and more common. We can see some mini boxes in the department store and streets. If we only want to sing a few songs, you can go to the mini boxes and it’ll be more convenient.

Karaoke? Restaurant?

When you enter the box in the karaoke, you will look at the menu to order the food first, or start to sing the song immediately? There are many people go to the Party World to enjoy the foods! It’s interesting that if you search the name of this karaoke store on YouTube, you’ll see lots of videos sharing about the delicious foods they strongly recommend.

Are you curious about the top 10 foods in Party World? Here is the list from their official company collected in 2019. Let’s see what kind of food people ordering the most to fulfill their stomach.

(The results is from the first video in the screenshot: https://youtu.be/WvnGzQMAwpo )

Top 1- Braised beef noodles 雙寶紅燒牛肉麵

Top 2- White cabbage boiled dumplings 高麗菜手工水餃

Top 3- American fried snacks 美式炸點拼盤

Top 4- Soy sauce-flavored delicacies 正港滷味拼盤

Top 5- Beef noodles with pickled cabbage 酸菜牛肉麵

Top 6- Noodles with XO sauce XO醬風味乾拌麵

Top 7- Marseille seafood pizza 馬賽海鮮披薩

Top 8- Classic rice with pork chop set 經典排骨飯套餐

Top 9- Kimchi tofu with secret sauce 秘製泡菜豆腐

Top 10- Congee with pork and country eggs 皮蛋瘦肉粥

As the list show above, most of the customer will order the beef noodles in Party World. Even none of our us been to Party World karaoke, we all know about how famous this meal is, no wonder the beef noodles won the best-selling food. Next time if you want to visit this gourmet restaurant, no, Party World, you can give it a try!

However, we always order the fried snacks instead of some boiled food, because it can satisfy almost everyone and be served quickly.

Let’s go party all night

If a big group of people want to have fun in Karaoke, maybe Holiday can be a good choice, because it has many sizes of box from small to very large one. The biggest box in Holiday (the store in New Taipei) can fit about 25 people. The spacious space is definitely enough for customers to hold party, or even ask your friends and family to help you to propose to your lover in the big box.

It’s convenient to find the information and the photos of the boxes on Holiday’s website. Just click the store of a city, and you can also see the prices and some reminders.

Enjoy Warmth

In 1993, the first Enjoy Warmth was established in Pingtung Chaozhou. This company aims to provide their customers a warm place for gathering and celebrating. In 2007, there were already six branches, one of them was established in Penghu Magong. In 2008, based on the KTV, Enjoy Warmth combined the Chinese fast-food restaurant to provide multiple options for their customers. Nowadays, the branches of Enjoy Warmth are all over in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Penghu, Pingtung and Taitung. Some branches of Enjoy Warmth not only provide food in boxes, they also become a fusion of KTV and a wedding restaurant to provide a formal occasion for customers.

Enjoy Warmth in Pingtung

  1. Order cakes for customers.
  2. Park for customers.
  3. 24H security cameras recording at the entrance and exit area.
  4. Call a taxi for customers.
  5. Free parking lot.

One of the most popular activities for college students is singing all night at the KTV. Take us for example, we often choose Enjoy Warmth as our option. If you have the membership of Enjoy Warmth, you can have special discount: 50% off on Tuesday. It’s cheaper and more affordable for students. Recently, Enjoy Warmth starts to add some news songs from popular Chinese dramas and singing programs so that the same song will have different versions for customers to choose. If customers would like to check about new songs, they can go on the official website. Also, Enjoy Warmth is free to bring your own food, they won’t charge extra fee.

The reason why we sing in Enjoy Warmth so often because it has a lot of advantages like discounts. We don’t have to find parking lot and we can bring what we want to eat without being charged another fee. Another reason I love Enjoy Warmth is the microphone. If we have more people and we get a bigger box, we will have a microphone like this. It increases more enjoyment, because singing with this microphone will feel like a super star or an incredible singer.

Especially in these four years, the time in Enjoy Warmth become one of the most precious memories in our life.

Doing our favorite thing with our best friends, these are the happiest moments in college life!

A Visit to Longbin Shantou Hotpot in Pingtung Nightmarket!



No. 7, Xingshi Lane, Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900

隆賓汕頭火鍋 – Google 地圖

Business time:

Feature of Xinyuan Shantou Hot Pot:

It was founded in 1968

The most traditional Shantou flavor

Handmade satay sauce


The restaurant was quite spacious. The environment was clean and comfortable. You could easily take a

look into their kitchen, which was also tidy and clean. The clerk was nice and introduced their signature

cuisines to us patiently. It was a good dining experience.

What did we order in Longbin Shantou Hot Pot:

As soon as you enter the store, you will see a lot of fresh ingredients, including seafood, hot pot

ingredients, various mushrooms, and fresh vegetables that are commonly placed in hot pot, which are

stored in the refrigerator for customers to take by themselves. The colors of the plates on which the

ingredients are placed in the store are different, and different colors represent different prices. Choose

your favorite hot pot ingredients, take them from the refrigerator, and calculate the cost at the final


There are two kinds of stocks to choose from, one is the original stock and the other is the original stock

used shacha sauce as the base. And we chose the original stock as we were afraid that the taste of shacha

sauce would be too strong.

Matsusaka pork  $250

The pork is topped with onions, tomato, and tofu.

We usually put these vegetables first and then the meat, so that the taste of the soup would be very


fried tofu skin$60

Yan Dumpling $80

white beech mushroom $80

Cabbage $60

Meat Ball $110



The meat in Lumbin Shantou hot pot is fresh, and the Matsusaka pork is soft and nice. Especially its

soup is very sweet and I like it very much. The soup and meat are the perfect matches. I like the way that

I can choose the ingredients I like by myself, because sometimes when I go to other hot pot restaurants,

the ingredients are given by the store, and sometimes they will give me what I don’t like. And the store

owner is very enthusiastic. If you are the first time eating at this restaurant, she will patiently explain to

you how to choose the ingredients and introduce their stocks. I recommend people who live in Pingtung

to find a chance to visit this hot pot restaurant. Eating such delicious hot pot in winter will make you

feel pleased and satisfied.


Although it was not my first time visiting here, each time I still find it a good place to come. The meat

was fresh, and the tender taste was perfect. Beside the mat, my favorite ingredient was the meat ball. It

was chewy and juicy!!!!! (A must-eat in this restaurant!!!) the soup was good, not too salty nor too

tasteless. I strongly recommend the original flavor, the soup was in a perfect sweetness. Even if the price

was a little bit high to a not-that-rich student like me, giving this restaurant a try is a decision you won’t


A Trip to Tainan

Transportation: Carrie, Laura – Take Train to Tainan Train Station

Take City Line Bus No.3 to Dong Men Church Station

  1. Miss. Dong LuoShifen
  • Address: No. 188, Fudong St, East District, Tainan City, 701
  • Phone Number: 06-2081-880
  • Opening Hour: 11:30-14:30, 17:00-20:00
Menu for drinks
River Snail Rice Noodles ($140)

What is River Snail Rice Noodles (LuoShifen) ?

A noodles comes from Liuzhou(柳州), China’s north-central Guangxi. It is vermicelli soaked in a spicy broth, combined with sour bamboo shoot(酸筍), wood ear(木耳), fried peanuts(花生米),  fried tofu skin(炸豆皮), sour long beans(酸豆角).

Then We Borrow our friend’s scooters

2. Shuànsên Beverages

  • Address: No. 281, Section 2, Minzu Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, 700
  • Phone number: 06-221-0901
  • Opening Hour: Wednesday-Sunday 11:00-18:00
Green Beans Smoothie ($45)
– A popular beverage shop

– Featuring green beans beverage which uses pure fresh milk and green beans

– Taking us long time to stand in line

Ride scooter to Bei Men Road and go window shopping

3. Xin Chuan Li Vintage Store, Roomee

  • Address: No. 112, Weimin St, West Central District, Tainan City, 70043
  • Opening Hour: Monday-Saturday 14:00-21:00, Sunday 14:00-20:00

– Tainan local vintage shop

– Hand-made vintage clothes, special clothing attitude

– Featuring ancient style of Taiwanese dressing

4. An-Ping Old Street

  • Address: Yanping St, Anping District, Tainan City, 708
  • Opening Hour: Monday-Sunday 24 hours

-Many people call it the “First Street of Taiwan”

-Built by Dutch 300 years ago

-Famous for its shrimp crackers(蝦餅), preserved fruit and Elate pudding

-Historic site, such as Anping fort, and Haishan Hall

5. Chun Xian Fun Hot Pot Noodles

  • Address: No. 53, Bao’an Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, 700
  • Phone number: 06-221-5033
  • Opening Hour: Monday-Sunday 6:00-20:30
  • Closing Day: Wednesday
Hot Pot Noodles ($55)

5. A-An Beef Soup

  • Address: No. 18, Section 1, Zhonghua N Rd, North District, Tainan City, 704
  • Phone Number: 06-250-0602
  • Opening Hour: Friday-Tuesday 24hr, Wednesday 12:00-16:00
Braised pork rice (free)
Beef with scrambled egg ($130)
Beef Soup ($130)

– Has reasonable price: refill soup and braised pork rice

– Clean environment and deliver good service attitude

– Featuring 24 hr

Taking train to PingTung

Different Café Styles in Pingtung

Greetings everyone! This is Parker, Sam and Jimmy. Welcome to our blog!

In this rapid society, we all have to tolerate different kinds of pressure in our daily life. Therefore, cafe, a tranquil place serving decent and tasteful coffee with those sweet refreshments giving you a short time to relax yourself a little bit. Especially, under this freezing cold weather, it’s pretty suitable for us to go inside the cafe to retrive slight warmness. Well, this blog will show you three different styles of cafe to make you guys immersed in the charm of cafes.

1. Louisa

1. Information:

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/louisacoffeeofficial/
Phone Number: 087320905
Location: No. 90, Ren’ai Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: Mon. – Sun. 07:00–22:00

2. Atmosphere:

We went to Louisa in the morning around 10:30. As we walked in the cafe, we could immediately smell the intense caffeine aroma with those dynamic pop musics roaming and banging to our ears. The overall decoration was pretty simple, harmonizing color with mainly black and white. Lots of books such as classic literatures arranged on the bookshelves were perfecting the image of the cafe. Because of its chill vibe, it was easy to discover people sitting in their seat busying doing their work and enjoying the conversation with their friends. It serves lots of energy to the beginning of our days.

3. Dishes:

Black Forest Boston Pie    Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

The filling tastes rich, with some dried fruit inside, becoming the small bliss you can found in our life. It makes the texture become more flavorsome rather than just the vanilla cream filling. The fluffy cake dough is chocolate flavor with some scrumble on the top. It adds additional stimulus to our taste buds. Its sweetness combines with the coffee to remove the greasy feeling and reach perfect balance.

Extra Rich First Flush Matcha Latte    Rating: 8.8 / 10.0

This is the version that double the milk and its foam to make the mouthfeel thicker than it used to be. This drink maintains the original flavor of matcha. The matcha part down below contains both bitterness and sweetness at the same time, bringing to the higher level. With the milk and its foam putting on top of the drink, as you carefully stir it and mix them together, it not only decreases the bitterness of matcha but also makes the drink become smooth. This one will become an addiction if you are obsessed with any matcha products.

Specialty Americano    Rating: 8.2 / 10.0

This is the most popular coffee in all types of coffee selection. It contains moderate sour flavor with the slight coffee bean aroma, making it tastes mildly for everyone. The bitterness isn’t significant in this coffee; therefore, it’s a good choice for those who like to drink the sourer coffee than the bitter one in a reasonable price. It will be a moderate option for those who are unfamiliar with the bitterness of the coffee.

Quarter BBQ Sandwich    Rating: 7.0 / 10.0

There are lots of lettuces in the sandwich; therefore, when taking bites, the flavor is somehow bland to those who has an extreme taste for food. The meat is tender and tastes really well with the salad dressing. The dressing is special with its sweetness and sourness. It’s a great combo with both the chicken and the lettuce. The sandwich would be great for those who like to have vegetable in their sandwich.

Chocolate Frappe    Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Simply put, everything is good. The chocolate taste is thick even when I drink toward finishing the frappe. Normally, the frappe will become bland because the ice at the bottom will melt and become water. However, for this frappe, this isn’t the case. I can still enjoy every drop before finishing the drink without feeling the flavor fading out. To my surprise, there are some chocolate cookie chips within the smoothie, making it richer to drink. The proportion is sufficient enough for an adult just like me.

2. Yamato Cafe

1. Information:

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/yamatocoffee/
Phone Number: 087669777
Location: No. 163, Minzu Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: Mon. – Sun. 09:00–18:00

2. Atmosphere:

We went to Yamato Cafe in the evening roughly on 4pm. We stayed there until the cafe was ready to close, so there were only few people around us. The indoor temperature adjusted moderately. The air brimmed with light caffeine smell with some melodic instrumental musics brought us to our personal world. The scarlet sunset shone beautifully as it spilled on the glass. The decoration was way more like the Japanese style, since this building was originally founded in the Japanese Occupation Period. Therefore, we could see the original settings of the architecture mixed up with some of other modern features. It added some elegance and beauty to our days.

3. Dishes:

Classic Chocolate Cake    Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

The texture of this cake is firm, but in the middle of the dough is tender. The chocolate flavor is thick but isn’t too sugary, making it the best partner with coffee. The chocolate aroma of the cake is so appetizing that will attract everyone to order this. The sweetness is moderate that it won’t cover the chocolate’s original flavor; the combination between seasoning and chocolate forms a perfect harmony. For the chocolate lovers, it will absolutely meet their expectation.

Matcha Milk    Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

When comparing to the previous matcha drink that we introduce before, this matcha milk tastes smooth and more complete in overall. You won’t be sick and tired of this drink for sure. The matcha powder up on the top is pretty authentic because of its bitterness. Therefore, it has a harmonious combination with the milk down below. Its milk totally perfects this drink and bring it to greater extent. After finishing the beverage, the matcha fragrance still lingers in mouth. Under the pandemic right now, this one will possibly become a great choice for people accessing the condensed Japanese culture for fulfilling their desire.

Lemon Frosting Cake    Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

The frosting is sweet with a moderate sour flavor, making the sponge cake more tasty and won’t be unacceptable. The sponge cake is seasoned with lemon flavor. The cake itself tastes good even without the frosting. The cake will taste richer if a layer of lemon cream is added. All in all, it’s a cake that lemon enthusiasts don’t want to miss.

Strawberry Milk Tea    Rating: 8.0 / 10.0

It is made of fresh milk tea with lots of strawberry jam. It can be told that the jam is hand-made, due to the grain and the particle of strawberry within the jam. However, the strawberry jam is too thick that I feel like I’m eating strawberry jam directly. The flavor of milk tea is mostly covered by the jam. For those who like strawberry a lot or are crazy for sweet beverages, this shall be a perfect choice.

La Guaca    Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

The coffee bean is light roasted and black honey processed, making the sour and sweet flavor merge flawlessly. The whole cup of coffee diffuses the slight aroma of fruit and the coffee bean. With the honey process, the coffee bean preserves the abundant and original fruity taste that will make everyone want to take a sip after another. This coffee is just like the catalyst for everyone to keep working in the afternoon.

3. Daydream-Arts‧Coffee‧Deli

1. Information:

Social Media: None
Phone Number: None
Location: No. 12, Rende Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: Mon. – Sun. 18:00–02:00

2. Atmosphere:

We arrived to the place around 7pm. The atmosphere inside the cafe and outside the cafe was super different. Once we entered the cafe, cocoa fragrance directly rushed into our noses and occupied the position for a long period. The entire environment was relatively gloomy with few faint yellow light bulbs hanging on top of the ceiling. With slow instumental musics, it completely set off the mysterious feeling of the cafe. First floor’s decoration was a mixture with Japanese style and nostalgic bar. As for the second floor, you can easily discover the distinctive features and several ingenuities that owner brought to his customer. Silence often took place inside the cafe making us easily immersed and dive into our personal world. It helped us forget some troublesome trivials from time to time.

3. Dishes:

Grilled Chocolate Toast    Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

The edge of the toast is grilled perfectly, it’s crispy but not burned at all. The almond on the top of the toast enriches the texture and acts as a flawless foil for it. The chocolate spread is so dense that I genuinely enjoy the savory chocolate from every bite. It’s an ideal comfort that you’ll want to have while staying up at the midnight busying working for the life.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate    Rating: 6.0 / 10.0

There is nothing special in its flavor to mention–it really tastes like a cup of normal hot chocolate. It costs 120 dollars. I would say that the 90 dollars must be going to the latte art. The heart is pretty fulfilling to look at. But it only lasts for five minutes before it starts to collapse. Speaking of the taste, the flavor of chocolate is still thicker than average hot chocolate. I would suggest ordering other drinks, like their special, for a more interesting Cafe experience.

Iced Chocolate Milk    Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

The balance between chocolate’s bitterness and sweetness is perfectly controlled and managed by the owner. You can discover a small decoration made by the cocoa powder on the top. The milk on the top of the drink just like a small stone threw into the pond and make a ripple of it. First, you’ll sense the bitterness of the chocolate in the very beginning. Then, milk comes inside to be a peacemaker between the bitterness and sweetness. Eventually, everything is back on the right track. The fragrance of the chocolate is the best part of all. In this freezing cold night, It will definitely be the best consolation to cheer you up.

Oolong Cranberry Pound Cake    Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

There is a layer of butter, made of milk and seasalt, on top of the cake. It makes the sweetness of the cake more distinct in an enjoyable way. Moreover, the salty and sweet taste is not clashing each other. They blend and highlight the two flavors instead. The cake also has a crispy crust, along with the fruit and the soft sponge cake, everything comes along in a perfect way. If there is one thing bad about the cake, I will say, there is never enough cake for me.

Fruit-flavored Latte (Rose Flavor)    Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

The milk foam is creamy, and two petals on top of the milk foam is the cherry on top. The smell mixes the slight fragrance from the coffee bean and milk. I can savor slight rose flavor and the aroma in this latte, but it won’t dominate or affect the congruity of different flavor. Caffeine is not so high in this latte; thus, it’s more like a gentle lullaby that leads people to the tranquil night.

4. Comparison between the threes

 LouisaYamato CaféDaydream–Arts‧Coffee‧Deli
Location9.2 / 108.3 / 106.7 / 10
Menus8.2 / 108.4 / 109.1 / 10
Decoration7.7 / 108.5 / 109.2 / 10
Atmosphere7.7 / 108.8 / 109.8 / 10
Refreshments8.3 / 108.6 / 109.2 / 10
Beverages7.8 / 108.0 / 108.4 / 10
Price8.7 / 108.0 / 108.0 / 10

5. Personal Feelings and Recommendation


Everytime we go for the cafés, I really appreciate and enjoy the moment we accompany and converse with each other. Basically, these cafés that we have been to provide different atmosphere in overall. Louisa’s environment is more dynamic. It’s a great place for everyone to start their day by retrieving some energy from desserts and drinks. As for Yamato Café, it is suitable for those people who want to take a rest since the environment is perfectly set with some relaxing music and gorgeous view out of the glass, not mention their small comfort foods definitely helping and giving you the power to deal with the upcoming problems and facing other difficulties. Last but not least, my favorite recommendation is Daydream. It’s the place that is most correspondent to my original pace. The atmosphere makes you feel mysterious, with other extra ornaments decorated on the wall and the ceiling. We have a great time chatting with my friends, consuming all of desserts that we order. Immersed in this “parallel world”, you can forget those trivial stuffs bothering you in the reality, just like the name of the café — “Daydream”.


Louisa is the most common café that we’ll pay a visit, it’s a café shares the same level of importance like convenient stores for everyone’s daily life. As for Yamato Café, its elegant atmosphere forms the relaxing environment; but it’s not too serious that will make people feel out of place while staying there. About Daydream, it’s just like a haven not only for the flesh but also for the spirit. The high-octane refreshments and beverages served here act as the motivation for everyone that is struggling for daily life to overcome every insomniac and stressful midnight. If I have to recommend the best one among these three cafés, Daydream will definitely be the first choice that comes into my mind. The gentle atmosphere and the chill vibe in the café with reasonable price make me want to revisit there again and again.


For me, I never go to cafe unless someone ask me for accompany. I mean, why would one go to cafe instead of going to a restaurant and make yourself full? However, after eating at these cafe and indulging myself in the atmosphere (or after witnessing the price of the dishes), I started to slow down and taste the food in an attentive way. I began to ask myself what is in the food and what did I just taste. I have a new experience toward how one can appreciate food. If I must choose one cafe to pay one more visit, I would choose Louisa. Because there are more choice for food such as hamburgers and sandwiches other than drinks. Yep, you can also say that I’m just choosing one that can make me feel full.

An Amazing Noodle Trip in Pingtung 

Hello, we are Amy and Maggie. Welcome to our blog!


Huei Siang Beef Noodle Soup

Address: No. 46-2, Zhongshan Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 900

  • Location

  • Atmosphere

The dining environment in the store is very comfortable. At first, I was a little uncomfortable because it was directly opened in a bookstore. After a while, I got used to it quite a bit.

To our surprise, it has really been opened in the bookstore. The bookstore and the beef noodle shop are combined into a whole big store.

  • Items from the restaurant

  • Taste of the food

Braised Beef Shank Noodle Soup: ($110)

The taste of beef noodle soup is unexpectedly light and sweet. The taste is very different from the braised beef noodles that I have eaten before. The soup is enough.


The noodles are hand pulled noodles. It tastes good. The texture of noodles is very elastic, and the noodles are cooked just right. The noodles are my favorite.


Some of the beef in the stew is tender. The beef is not overcooked. The quality of beef is intermediate.

  • General comment


The dining environment is very comfortable, and it is not noisy. 


Although it looks very big, the actual portion is not as much as we expect. People with small appetites still want to eat something else after eating. The satiety of beef noodles is not enough.

I am amazed by the beef noodle in Huei Siang Beef Noodle Soup. First, this restaurant opened in the bookstore is enough to make people wonder about the history of Huei Siang Beef Noodle Soup. Second, the beef noodle soup is special. It is not spicy but fresh and sweet. I like it very much.

Recommendation rating⭐


Wan Li Noodle

Address: No. 3, Guangdong S Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 900

  • Location

  • Atmosphere

Dining environment in the restaurant, Wan Li Noodle, is quite comfortable because tables, chairs, and walls in this restaurant are made of wood. The lighting is very atmospheric. Besides, there are not many seats in the restaurant, so it wouldn’t be too crowded. The environment is clean. It is a place where people can feel relaxed and have a meal.

  • Items from the restaurant

  • Taste of the food

Tomato noodle soup: ($120)

There are various vegetables in the bowl; hence, the soup is quite refreshing. I wouldn’t feel tired. The texture of noodles is nice and chewy. Lots of ingredients there and the portion which people are able to eat their fill.

  • General comment


The prices are reasonable, and students like us are acceptable. Dining environment is cozy. The dishes are delicious. The service there is very attentive.


As soon as lunch or dinner time, the restaurant will be full. Customers need to wait for the seats for a while.

This restaurant, Wan Li Noodle where my classmates and I had been there before. We all considered that it is a good place. This time, I came to the restaurant at 7:00 p.m., and business was still good. It was almost full. Fortunately, I was lucky and had the table by the bar. Therefore, I could see the cooks boiling noodles, plating, and serving the food. I ordered a bowl of tomato noodle soup, and I actually don’t like boiled tomatoes. I searched for recommendable dishes in Wan Li Noodle on the Internet, and many people said this one. That’s why I tried it. It is amazing and tasty. If you have the chance to come to the restaurant, I recommend you should order it! 

Recommendation rating⭐


Zeb’s Kway Teow

Address: No. 86, Section 2, Jiuru Rd, Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, 904

  • Location

  • Atmosphere

The restaurant environment is not decorated but simple and clean. It’s a restaurant with a strong personal touch. That is a sweet dining experience for everyone. The dining environment will make people feel that the food is more delicious, and it will make people want to return to the restaurant for the second time.

  • Items from the restaurant

In addition to selling side dishes one by one, you can directly tell the clerk how much you want, and the chef will make the amount you request. It depends on how much you want. If you are not sure, you can also ask the clerk whether the price is too much or too little. The clerk will give you advice.

  • Taste of the food


Char kway teow : ( $60 )

The rice noodles mentioned by the Hakka people are wide flat noodles that are made by grinding the rice into a pulp first. This dish in some restaurants will be very oily, but this restaurant will not be oily. On the contrary, it tastes quite refreshing than other restaurants.

Cuttlefish: ($200)

It tastes very soft and tender. Cuttlefish don’t taste like chewing gum because they’re blanched.

Intestine dish: ( $50 )

Intestine dish needs to put blanched intestines into a boiling pot for one or two minutes, then simmer over low heat for 40 minutes. Cut the rest for a dry dish topped with ginger and starched sauce. The intestine dish tastes very solid, and there is no pig smell in the mouth. People who like to eat intestines will definitely like this dish.

  • General comment


The price is cheap, and the portions are sufficient. Hence, you are not afraid of ordering too much, and it will be expensive. The side dishes are all delicious.


It is some distance away from Pingtung University. It will take a little time to go there if you want to eat.

I think the overall rating is very good. Although the store is not decorated, it is clean and hygienic. The noodles are also delicious. Even if there are many customers, the quality of the food is not sloppy. It is a restaurant that wants people to return several times.

Recommendation rating⭐

The Best Time We Seized

Hello everyone! We are Trista Liao & Tiffany Hsu.

Memories always keeps in people’s minds forever; beautiful and unforgettable memories make us feel happy and energetic in our life. We have many wonderful and memorable memories as well in this semester, including having delicious food together, working hard together, and becoming beautiful together. Thus, let’s share with you!

The store we both like to visit

Ice Tea of Xiao Nai


There are many branches in Pingtung; they sell some traditional drinks like traditional black tea and white gourd tea, and they also sell some juice, mike tea, and freshly brewed tea. Usually, we like to go to the NPTU branch and the Pingtung Park branch because they are close to our school and because of their long working hours.


📍 The NPTU Branch: 

No. 110, Siheng Lane, Anxin, Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900


📍 The Pingtung Park Branch:

No. 88-1, Guangdong Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900


-Opening Hour

🕒The NPTU Branch:    

🕒The Pingtung Park Branch:

-Menu / Price

-What We Recommend


I really like its “ Lemon Jasmine Green Tea (翡翠檸檬綠)” and “ grapefruit green tea (葡萄柚綠)”. Usually, I will order these two drinks with light sugar and less ice because I don’t like to drink too sweet; also, if I order it with light sugar and less ice, I can taste the sourness of lemon and grapefruit. It is really great for the hot weather in Pingtung. It tastes so refreshing, and it quenches my thirst and cools me down in the summer time. By the way, its price is really cheap for the juice, and its capacity is bigger than other stores.


Not only me, but also my family members, we are all big fans of Xiao Nai’s “Lemon Jasmine Green Tea (翡翠檸檬綠)”! My mom would even come to Pingtung from Tainan to have this drink 🤣. I usually order this drink with half sugar and less ice. For me, if this kind of the drink isn’t sweet enough, it can’t not be called Lemon Jasmine (it should be called Lemon Tea)!! The reason that I will recommend Xiao Nai’s Lemon Jasmine to you is because of not only its cheap price, but also its fresh material. As you know, Pingtung is a city which is famous for Lemon. As a result, Xiao Nai can directly get the most freshly material to make the best Lemon Jasmine Green Tea.👍

Handmade Ice Lemon Aiyu jelly


It is a traditional Aiyu jelly store. Their Aiyu is handmade by the store owner.This Aiyu store is really famous. It has been reported by Liberty Times (自由時報), and it is introduced by famous food influencer on Instagram as well.


📍In Pingtung Night Market

     No. 34, Minzu Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900


-Opening Hour

🕒 Everyday 9AM-12AM

Menu / Price

Small:$30 / Medium:$35 / Large:$40

The only thing you must order here is Aiyu jelly, and you can add whatever you want into your Aiyu, including grass jelly, tapioca, Chia seeds (It is free to add!! SO NICE) ,or you can also add nothing to taste the original flavor of ice Aiyu.

What We will order

Usually, we will order a large lemon Aiyu jelly, adding chia seeds and tapioca with less ice! It tastes really nice!

-Funny Episode

Trista: Last time, when I ordered my Aiyu jelly, I was a little nervous because I wanted to add other ingredients into my Aiyu (Too Greedy XD), and I wanted to change my ice and sugar as well. Thus, I needed to remember many things and told the store owner in one sitting. However, I remember to tell the store owner what ingredients, ice , and sugar I wanted , but I forget to tell him the main thing I wanted, MY AIYU JELLY!!!!! 

Partner in Graduates Association 

What Is Graduates Association

Graduates Association, one of the student’s organizations in NPTU, is working for the affairs related to graduation, such as graduation ceremony, taking the graduation photos, acting as bridge between graduates and school, graduate and company of academic dress and graduation photos. 

-The Reason Why We Join In


I have no intention of joining GA at first.  There are two reasons for why I will join in. The first reason was because I saw the article that they were finding people on Dcard. I was curious about it, and it stated that joining us will make your last year in college become different. Also, I thought that I didn’t have a lot of classes in senior year, and it might be boring if I didn’t do something special.  Thus, it motivated me to join in. The second reason is because the propaganda mentioned that joining GA, you will  have an office which belongs to us and  where you could go and stay whatever you want.   


The most important reason is because Trista invited me to work with her. However, at first, I was a little hesitant since I didn’t know what GA was doing and I was afraid that I couldn’t do well. It was until after seeing the AD on the internet, I found out the answer and was inspired by the ad text: “If you don’t want to regret not doing anything in your last year of college, join us!” and I have to say that after working in GA for a semester, I am really appreciative that I have made this decision!

-What We Need to Do in GA

Both of us belong to “the department of secretary”. 

Following are our business description:

💌managing and organizing the accounts of  GA’s Instagram and Facebook.

📢promoting every activity on our Instagram, and Facebook.

📌announcing the meeting notice before every meeting.

🖌️taking the minutes for every meeting.

-What We Participate Together

During this semester…

Every GA member  helped graduates to get their academic dress and complete the shooting of  graduation photos this semester.

Besides, in school’s anniversary, we set a stall to express our blessings and make the best wish for every graduates by giving our special gift, Fortune Cookie.🥠

In each cookie, we put a blessing or…joking note.

Also, we held an activity with the Student Association and Kaohsiung Youth Salon (高雄青年職涯發展中心) this semester. We held a celebrity speech, which invited three famous talk show actors, Otis Tsao (曹小歐), Daniel Chen(陳大天), Jim Chen (程建評 )respectively.

Become Beautiful Together

We get our hair done together!!!✨✨

What a wonderful bestie’s schedule XD

-The Reason That We Get Our Hair Done Together


Let me explain for you. Firstly, it was because I wanted to change my hairstyle before Chinese New Year.🧧 I scheduled to get my hair done before winter vacation in the beginning. However, after I talked with Tiffany, we decided to do it immediately because maybe we could change our hairstyle and become beautiful before shooting the graduation photos. Thus, we made an appointment with the hairstylist that weekend immediately. XDDD

-The Hair Salon We Went

🚩Sun Sun Hair Salon


📍1F, No. 107-1, Xintian Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City 800


-What We’ve Done For Our Hair


Actually, I wanted to perm my hair in the beginning, but after searching many photos on the Internet and talking with my friends, I decided to make a dramatic change for my hair. I dyed and highlighted my hair!!! This kind of hair style called Balayage (歐美線條染). It was my first time to dye my hair in the hair salon. I didn’t do that before and I was afraid to do that because my father didn’t like the strange color on our hair, and he would scold us. However, I thought that I didn’t dye my hair in a strange color. I just dyed light brown, which is just like the color of milk tea, and highlighted my hair with light gray. So, that was Ok! XD

The the pictures when I dyed and highlighted my hair⬇️

Two hours later……

I got my new hairstyle!! It was not easy to recognize the lighter color of my Balayage, but after washing for several times, it was more obvious than before.

I really like my hair now; it makes me look likes mixed-race girl. 😍


I have permed my hair in Korean curly style. Before going to the hair salon, I found a lot of photos showing hair stylists the style I liked. However, the photos included several styles, so at first I was a little worried about whether the stylist could know what I wanted, but, surprisingly, after discussing with the stylist, she quickly and exactly understood my requirement and finally made the result better than my image. 

⬇️The photos I show to stylist⬇️

☝️The result of my perming

What’s more, during the hair-making process, the stylist kept chatting with me which made the boring and suffering process more interesting.

(because I needed to sit on the chair for more than three hours and my hair with a lot of curls would be heavy but i still had to keep in the same pose to prevent from being scald😵)

◀️When I perm my hair

These are the special times that we seize together this semester!

Hope you enjoy it!

Four Korean Indie Artists You Can’t Miss

Hello everyone, my name is Esther Chen. Today, I’m going to introduce four Korean indie Artists you can’t miss. When it comes to Korean music, most people would think of K-pop. Those idol groups are very famous around the world. However, beside K-pop, there are many different types of music you can listen to, especially the Korean indie music. So, let’s begin.

1. 검정치마 The Black Skirts

  • Name: The Black Skirt
  • Member: Jo Hyuli
  • Debut: 2010
  • Musical Work: 《201》《Don’t You Worry Baby》《TEAM BABY》《TEEN TROUBLES》《THIRSTY》

The Black Skirts, in Korean is 검정치마(Geom jeong chi ma) is quite famous in Korea underground. The name has no special meaning. It was just because the vocalist thought this name sounded great. The Black Skirts was founded in America in 2004. There were three members, and it was a Punk band. But now there is only one member, and that is Jo Hyuil. So The black Skirts is actually a one man band.

When Jo Hyuil was 13 years old, his family immigrated to America. He used to study in Berklee College of Music, then he dropped out. In 2007, he went back to Korea for a music competition. After he failed, he felt very wronged, so he decided that at least he wanted to leave some music works in Korea. The next year, he released his first album《201》. This album was quite successful, and he gain some popularity in Korea. Thus, he started to work in Korea.

His music styles are varied, mostly are band music, can be rock or lyrical. And every album express different feeling or critic or anything he want to say.

Recommend Song: 《EVERTHING》

This is a very romantic song which describes that his lover is his everything. With lyrical arrange and his special whispering singing style, whenever I listen to this song, I feel relaxed. I even think I’m going to be exorcised.


  • Name: ADOY
  • Member: Juwhan(Vocal&Guitarist), Dayoung( Bass), Zee(Keyboard), Geunchan(Drummer)
  • Debut: 2016
  • Musical work: 《Catnip》《Love》《Wonder》《Vivid》《Her》

ADOY was founded in 2016, it consists of four members, vocalist and guitarist Juhwan, keyboardist Zee, bassist Dayoung and drummer Geunchang. The reason why it is called ADOY is to reverse the name of the lead singer’s beloved cat “YODA”.

The content of the lyrics is often related to youth and love. With the voice of the lead singer and the synthesizer to create a blurred effect, their songs usually very attractive. The lyrics of their songs were all written in English, so it’s more easy for us to understand.

They can make many types of music like City Pop, Chillwave, Britipop, and retro-electronic. Their songs can create a cozy atmosphere which make people drown in their music.

Recommend Song: 《Grace》

3. Ha Hyunsang

Name: Ha Hyunsang

Birthday: 1998.09.14

Debut: 2018

Band: Hoppipolla

Musical work: 《Dawn》《Us》《The Edge》

《My Pool Lonely Heart》

Ha Hyunsang was debut in 2018. Half year after, he sang a song for a famous Korean drama Mr. Sunshine and gain some popularity. In 2019 his participated in a TV show called Super Band. In the end of the show, he found three other members and founded a band called Hoppipolla. They won the competition and got the chance to debut as a band.

His voice is pleasant, charming and pure, often makes people feel healing. He can make different styles of music like rock, electronic, and ballad.

Recommend Song: 《Burning Sunset》

This song’s Korean name 불꽃놀이 means firework in English. It compares our youth to firework. We both burn ourselves to show an ephemeral beauty. In the beginning of the song, you can hear his hoarse shout, which show a passionate struggle feeling, and plus the rock arrangement, that all bring the listeners to the world of the song.

4. Gemini

  • Name: Gemini / Kim Jaemin
  • Birthday: 1994.6.18
  • Debut: 2020
  • Musical works: 《Know me》《Broken Love》
  • 《Inside Out》《Still Blue》

Gemini was debut in 2020, he released two songs《Going》&《Broken Love》and gained some fans. His name came from his boss’s idea. His Korean name Jae Min sound similar to Gemini, and also his star sign is Gemini, so he decided to use the name Gemini.

When he was in high school, he was a B-boy, so he started to listen to some Hip-hop and R&B music. The turning point of his debut was because his boss and also his junior high school friend told him “If you want to change, come to Seoul.” So, he seize the opportunity and became a singer now.

Recommend Song: 《She lives in Paris》

This is a song I recently addicted to. I like his soft voice, and the light sense of rhythms of the beat.


To sum up, I’ve introduced four indie artists to you, but what I introduced is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many talented bands and singers in Korea waiting for you to explore. After watching this blog, hope you have a brand new perspective on Korean music.