The Ultimate All-in-One Package: Mamamoo

It’s an ordinary day–nothing special happened, not even your favorite song can cheer you up. If this sounds familiar to you, I suggest it’s time for a refreshment for both your song list and you with this energetic, special, and powerful Korean girl group, Mamamoo!

How I Met Mamamoo

  It was in the third year of my junior high school, I just finished cleaning the classroom during the break time in the afternoon. I was sitting on the bench outside the classroom hopelessly, waiting for the bell to ring and get back together with my textbooks. Just then, the melody flew into my ears…

Before I knew it, with Egoistic, Mamamoo had became the group of my life.

It’s Your Turn to Love Them!

Hope you all can become more interested in Mamamoo after going through the post

and fall in love with them:D

Four Singers, Four Styles, Unlimited Pleasure

Solar: Belting, main vocalist, burst, growling

Moonbyul: Rapping, low-pitch harmony, verse

Wheein: Smooth, angelic, harmony, light

Hwasa: Variable, charming, outstanding

Here’s a song from Immortal Songs 2 that distinctly shows each member’s strength.

Passion Flower

The CD Eater

  In Korea, it is actually a compliment to call a singer “eating CDs”. It means a singer’s vocal is too perfect that it just sounds like the singer himself is playing the CD out of him. Interestingly, “The CD eater” is becoming the brand of Mamamoo since their stage is all live with unbeatable quality.
Here’s a quick look how their stage is often like:

From Nothing to Everything

  Success is never an easy thing to everyone, so does Mamamoo.
  When starting their first performance, Mamamoo was even questioned by their manager about their “normal appearance”, saying, “You’re no prettier than other girls; you all must have something special to guard yourselves.”
  As time goes on, Mamamoo participated tons of stage performances. When their efforts finally paid off in 2016, everyone was touched by their tears and all the difficulties they encountered. Mamamoo finally won their first “first place” with their comeback.

  This prize was a turning point for Mamamoo–they acquired tons more chances to shine on stage.
Among them, the Immortal Songs 2 and Queendom were the most memorable ones.

  In Immortal Songs 2, Mamamoo needed to renew the famous old song and perform it on stage in the presence of the original composer. Yet, Mamamoo stood out from tons of famous singer and became the first girl group that won the prize. (pic.1)

Mamamoo even made a medley with the songs they have performed in the show.

  In Queendom, groups of girl group went on stage and competed for an exclusive comeback show. Mamamoo won the first place due to their stage presence and the emotions woven in their performance.

songs included: Decalcomanie, Good Luck, I miss you, Destiny

Music Genre

  Mamamoo is known for both its stable live vocal and wide selection of music genre. During these years, Mamamoo has accumulated numerous hits with different styles. Just to name a few songs appeared in this video:

  • Jazz & Hip Hop: Mr. Ambiguous
  • Blues: I miss you
  • Latin style: Egoistic
  • Hip Hop & Rap: HIP
  • Big-beat & rock: Decalcomanie

The Real Mamamoo

  Despite being utmost charming and professional on stage, the “off-scene Mamamoo” is the origin where all the fun started. Their crazy personalities not only surprises their fans, but also make their fans love them even more because of their true selves.
  With their genuine nature, Mamamoo even become one of the few girl groups that are invited to TV variety shows.

A demonstration of how crazy they are in car

Heartwarming Bond

  From the day Mamamoo first debuted to this day, both Mamamoo and its fans changed a lot. They become much more mature and accumulated many memories together.
  The way how Moomoo (Mamamoo’s fans name) and Mamamoo interact and take care of each other stands for how deep the love is between them.

This song, I Love You Too, was written by Mamamoo to their fans. At the day of Mamamoo’s first concert, Moomoo prepared this surprise to melt down every member of Mamamoo… …

To me, Mamamoo is more than a girl group that can sing well. I can always find the things I want in Mamamoo. Music, laughter, tears, and bonds—it is the ultimate all-in-one package! 

Civilization Disease: Dry eye syndrome

Hello, everyone! Today I’m gioing to introduce one of eye diseases called dry eye syndrome.

This semester, my eyes suddenly feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I went to see a doctor and the doctor says that I have dry eye syndrome. Many people heard of dry eye syndrome but don’t know the symptoms of this eye problem. So let me introduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome and my personal example.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye is a disorder of the tear film which occurs due to tear deficiency(不足) or excessive tear evaporation (蒸發). Dry eye disease is characterized by instability of the tear film that can be due to insufficient amount of tear production or due to poor quality of tear film, which results in increased evaporation of the tears. Dry eye therefore can mainly be divided into two groups, namely,(1) aqueous production deficient dry eye disease(缺水型乾眼症) (2) evaporative dry eye disea (蒸發缺油型乾眼症)

See more:

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome

Causes of dry eye syndrome

  1. Eating medicine like blood pressure medication, allergy medication and antidepressants
  2. Health problems like diabetes, thyroid problems, and autoimmune disorders (自體免疫功能失調)like lupus(紅斑性狼倉)or Sjögren syndrome(乾燥症)
  3. Looking at screens for long periods of time without blinking
  4. After laser eye surgery

Therapy of dry eye syndrome

  1. Dropping artificial tears

Artificial tears with perseverative

People can use artificial tears with perservative for only four times because it harms people’s cornea(角膜) if they use over four times a day. People can’t buy this kind of artificial tears in a drug store because only eye doctor prescribes it to the patients.

Artificial tears with no perseverative

People have dry eye syndrome can use artificial tears with no perseverative when their eyes are dry because it has no harm to people’s eyes. People can buy this kind of artificial tears in a drug store. Its price is 300 to 400 NT dollars. Its design is very convenient for people to bring with themselves.

2. Hot press on eyes

Hot press on eyes promotes blood circulation and eliminates eye fatigue. People can have hot press on their eyes in the moning and at night to improve the symptoms of dry eye.

3. Using light therapy called intense-pulsed light therapy (脈衝光治療)

This kind of therapy is used in people who have serious dry eye syndrome. The expense of this therapy is 6000 NT dollars.

4. Eating luetin and fish oil

Eating luetin and fish oil improves the symptoms of dry eye

People who might get dry eye syndrome

  • People who wears contact lenses for a long period of time 
  • Female who over 50 because of hormonal change
  • People using smartphone or computers without blinking their eyes frequently
  • People eating blood pressure medication and antidepressants

Ways to prevent dry eye syndrome

  • Avoid air blowing into your eyes include air conditioner, hair dryer and fans.
  • Take eye breaks when you’re reading or looking at your computer or cellphone.
  • Wear protective eyewear to block out dry air and wind.
  • Stop smoking because it can worsen dry eye symptoms
  • Add moisture in the air of your home or workplace like putting a humidifier can improve dry eye symptoms

My personal example

One day, I found my eyes become sour and tired for a few days and realized that my eyes feel uncomfortable when I’m in an air conditioner room. So I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with dry eye syndrome. In March, there’s a burning sensation in my eyes. I feel comfortable only until after taking a shower and going to bed. In addition, when I look at my computer screen to do my homework or watch some vedios, I become very sleepy because my eyes feel tired esaily. I don’t know whether is my computer’s bluelight or the symptoms of dry eye that makes eyes feel tired eaily. I think it’s computer’s bluelight that makes my eyes feel uncomfortable. When I go outside or ride a motorcycle, I have to wear goggle to protect my eyes from wind blowing into my eyes. Besides, I need to often use artificial tears to make my eyes become wet. If I don’t use artificial tears, my eyes will be dry and it will hurt. This eye problem brings some inconvenience to my daily life like I have a little difficulty using 3C products like computer and a little difficulty like reading and seeing sall words . Although many people have dry eye syndrome nowadays, I still can’t accept the truth that I have this eye problem and I think I need more time to get used to my eyes. The way I can do now is taking more rest and spend less time on using 3C products. So, go to see an eye doctor immediately when you find your eyes feel uncomfortable for a few days.

Warm Daily – A Cozy Café

Hello, I’m going to share the coffee shop which I went with my friend, Sophie. She recommends me and then we go to chat there. It’s not only a café, but also a select shop. Hope you guys enjoy it!



No.161, Zhongxiao Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County

Business time:

The rest time of Warm Daily is not fixed, so the café owner will post business time on Instagram and Facebook.

Warm Daily Instagram

Warm Daily Facebook

Feature of this café:

Warm Daily sells some table wares like elaborate plate bought from France and goblets. All goods are selected by café owner in person.

The menu will change in regularly. If you want to try some certain desserts, you can go to check on Warm Daily’s Instagram and Facebook as well.

There’s minimum order that everyone has to order at least one drink, but there’s no mealtime limit in Warm Daily.

You can spend all day there; as a result, you can see people studying in Warm Daily. 

The atmosphere is quite calm and peaceful.

What did we order in Warm Daily?

Tiramisu NT$150


There are two types of tiramisus to choose. If you prefer tiramisu contains heavier wine flavor, you can choose it. I prefer the lighter one, so I ordered it, but it’s still tasty! The whipped cream with coco powder is quite fluffy, and tiramisu is also delicious.

Milk Tea NT$150


As for milk tea, the milk tea in Warm Daily is with a unique fragrance. Tasty as well!

Basque Cheesecake NT$135


Basque cheesecake was ordered by Sophie.

Sophie said that it’s the most delicious Basque cheesecake she had ever tried!

It sounds really attractive, so I gave it a try.

That’s really tasty and good! I can eat two of it, but I don’t have enough money.

Although the prices are higher than common café, the ingredients are selected carefully by the café owner.

I can feel cafe owner is attentive and keep each dessert in a high quality.

As a result, you can definitely taste excellent dessert and drinks in Warm Daily.

Express my Imagination: Drawing

Hello everyone, I am Melody Chen.

Do you like art? Have you ever drawn pictures during class? To be honest, I did it many times. I’m not sure when I started and fall in love with drawing. When I was little, I even dreamed of being an artist in the future. I’m going to share my favorite hobby, drawing.

decorations for Spring festivals

In elementary school, everyone in the drawing class had a piece of paper to draw whatever we want. I always finished my work quickly and asked for more papers. At that time, I used color pencils or crayons to draw princesses, mermaids and some animated characters. It was fun that my teacher told me that she couldn’t show all of my works on the bulletin board in our classroom, so she displayed some of my pictures in her house.

Due to my big interest in art, I went to the art cram school to learn sketching and water coloring in order to enter the art talent class in junior high school. I couldn’t forget how touched I was when I saw the admission list. Crying loudly because I had passed the specialized exams! When I studied in the art talent class, the place where paintings displayed on blackboard represent scores. From the right to the left side showing high to low grade. I was not the top student whose works can often stayed at right side of the board, but it didn’t mean my works were terrible. What I learnt the most from drawing is that, you try to do it better and also enjoy in the process. While drawing, it is hard for me to feel the time change, because I always deeply focus on my work and want to produce the best one. My first time to stay up late was to prepare my sketching work for the graduation exhibition in art talent class. Moreover, I participated in different drawing competitions. For instance, my print got honorable mention in the national student art competition. Drawing let me get a sense of achievement.

Here is my sketching work in college. It talks about the problem using plastic products that makes sea animals live in danger. Though pencils are not as colorful as water coloring, isn’t it would be more attractive to use only pencils showing what I want to say? Through the using of the dark colors, my art work looks more serious, I like this sketching work very much.

On my personal Instagram account, I started an activity called I draw what you say. I’ve hosted this event three times. Most of my followers asked me to draw portraits of them. Compare the two pictures above, (from the first to the third one) you can easily see my improvement in which I used more color and drew more completely.

The video records the process that I excitedly sketched down the Taiwan’s golden badminton duo.

From my perspective, drawing is the most romantic way to record memories. Let’s pick up your pencils and start drawing together!

One Day Food Critic—— JJ Partners’ First Spot😎

Hi everyone!

On a peaceful Saturday night, Jasmine and I went to this restaurant: GUITAO MA NOODLE HOUSE.

It was a restaurant featuring south Pacific Ocean cuisine and some foreign style night snacks.

  • Location: No. 507, Chengqing Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City / 高雄市三民區澄清路507號
  • Business Hours: Monday-Sunday 17:30pm – 00:00am
  • Dining Time Limit: 90min. weekdays / 80min. weekends 
  • Phone: 07-3980287
  • Instagram: @guitao_ma_ma
  • Facebook: 桂桃嬤 販麵洋行 – 澄清店

How we got the information of this restaurant?

It was from a website recommending hidden must-eat in Kaohsiung. When I was browsing the restaurant list, the food pictures of GUITAO MA caught my eyes right away. The surrounding of the restaurant was quite chill.

– The exterior

It got a good lighting and a clean French window.

We arrived at 5:30pm, so the restaurant was basically just about to open.

The building itself is a traditional Taiwanese house, decorated with modern elements.

Hence, GUITAO MA gave us a sense of nostalgia, just like the combination of your grandma’s old house and cool neon foreign style.

Amenity score: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9


Next part is the dishes we ordered!


  • Nangyang Flavor Coconut Curry Milk Pot $180

First, I was surprised at the strong smell of basils. It like a combination of curry and south Pacific Ocean seasonings. The soup was a little bit spicy; it was probably because of pepper. Other ingredients contained egg, pork, shrimp, seitan (麵筋), bean sprouts, bok choy (小白菜), and Udon noodles.

Everything was fine at first, but it became a little “too much” for me. The taste of the soup was way too strong and greasy. Odon needles itself was tasteless, just like you were simply chewing a dough, and I could not taste the smell of coconut milk.
This dish might taste like a traditional south Pacific Ocean flavor food, but the restaurant could work on how to improve the soup, to made it lighter but not lose its original taste. Also, the udon needles it used can be replaced with other kinds, such as Sanuki udon or Vietnamese pho, I think it will fit the tangy soup better.

Nangyang Flavor Coconut Curry Milk Pot score: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 5

  • Basil egg cake $40

There were basil, egg, dried cabbage, and soy sauce inside. The egg cake was fried. It was unusual to see if compared with traditional egg cack.The crusty cake tasted good, and you could notice the sweet of soy sauce and dried cabbage matched well. Plus, the smell of basil was moderate. It was a good innovation of Taiwanese traditional egg cack.

Basil egg cake score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8

  • Thai chutney fried chicken rice $180

The food presentation and plating looked mouth-watering! This dish was Thai chutney fried chicken with cold broccoli, plum with pickled radish, roselle plum pickle, fried shrimp cake, purple onion, and sunny-side up egg. There were about 6 pieces of fried chicken. Although the chicken skin was dry and not crispy, the meat was tender and juicy. It went really well with the flavorful Thai chutney sauce. Very appetizing! But the pickled side dishes tasted chemical and artificial. They were too sweet and not true to the natural flavor of food. 😦 The sunny-side up egg was perfect! Break the yolk and mix it with rice…who can resist the temptation of this delicious food?? ❤

Surprise! There was fried chicken skin under the egg! It made rice taste crispy. Very creative!

Thai chutney fried chicken rice score: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6

  • Butter milo toast $45

The Milo spread was just the right sweetness, and the butter would slowly melt in your mouth. It was a delicious dessert for sure. But after we took pictures of them, the toast had turned soggy and soft, losing its delicious crispy crunch. QQ

Butter milo toast score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8

  • Condensed milk tea $30

Sweet tooth Jammie thought it was not sweet enough lol. It would taste better with more condensed milk added 😛

Condensed milk tea score: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 5


After discussion, the MVP goes to——-Fried basil egg cake! We loved the mixed texture of basil, dried cabbage, and soy sauce.
It was a new experience for us. However, as for the main dishes we ordered, we both agreed that this restaurant didn’t match our expectations 😢
As a big fan of south-east Asia food, the flavor of GUITAO MA was common, and there were plenty could be improved. But we would like to recommend this restaurant to those who love heavy tastes! You must try the curry series, you will be surprised by its rich flavor🤭
Don’t miss the fried egg cake series as well!! There are salty and sweet ones for you to choose. The unique stuffings and fired egg crust will collide some amazing sparks you’ve never tried before! Just be aware———— eat while it’s still hot to savor the best flavor.

Introduction of Our Favorite Korean Restaurant: Han Mi Da

What’s up, guys! We are Parker and Alan. Welcome to our blog!

Have you guys ever tried Korean cuisines, like spicy fried rice cake, and bibimbap before? If you have it before, have you found yourself some Korean Restaurants that lots of people suggest you but not perfectly fits your tastes? Well, if you do, this blog is not going to let you down and will bring up one of our top-secret Korean Restaurant pocket lists to introduce you the charm of Han Mi Da.


Well, before we give you the further information about the cuisines, we will elaborate the brief history to the Korean dishes. When it comes to Korean food, our first impression tends to be “red”, “hot”, and “spicy”. However, it has several reasons to make their delicacy in the strong significant features:

1. Climate

Korean Peninsula often encountered extreme cold weather. Just like other countries locating at the high latitude do, they are forced to try their food in hot and spicy way to make sure the heat in their body can be kept inside their body.

2. Poverty

In the ancient time, since most civilian were in impoverished status, they didn’t have money to have lots of side dishes. Therefore, spicy food then became one of the important elements to their daily life and eventually makes the great impact on the development of their future dishes.

3. Nutrition

Hot pepper is used to add the insufficient vitamins in the winter season. What’s more, another saying is that in the era of the Korean dynasty, the authorities’ figures will forbid people to drink tea as a habit. Instead, they must get the vitamin by consuming chilis.

4. Salt supply

Owing to the lack of salt supply in the past, folks came up with the idea to utilize chili to replenish the salt with spicy.

5. Tradition

Chili is a good substitution to replace the necessary spices for meat dishes like pepper and Japanese pepper. This custom has been changing in different generation for a long period, fixing in the current society and raising the importance of hot pepper.

6. Religion

Folks in Korea used to have superstitions on the color of hot pepper and its spiciness. They believed chilies had marvelous effects on getting rid of demons, bad spirits, and prevent them from diseases. Although the effect on eliminating those souls, without a doubt, were proved to be fake with scientific evidence, the concept has already deepened in most people’s mind.

Read more:




Location: No. 600, Liberty Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan

Business Hours: 11:00am–14:00pm, 17:00pm–21:30pm


As you walk inside the restaurant, you can find out some Korean traditional clothes. You can discover some fancy Korean dolls on their counter. On the contrary, their wall uses very simple color to decorate. What’s more, they will play some Korean songs for customers to make them get immersed in Korean environment like they are in Korea. Once you finished your order, the waitress will kindly tell you that you can grab some free side dishes on the counter. In the restaurant, everyone enjoys the vibe and chat on their own with laughter. It has fantastic atmosphere to draw newly coming people’s attention and favor.

Rating of Dishes (5.0 the highest):

1. Cheese Bibimbap $190  P: 4.5  A: 4.0
It’s one of the most classic foods among all the distinctiveness. It gives good portion of meat and vegetables. By adding the special chili sauce and a big egg yolk in it, the visual appearance is amazing. As you start to blend all ingredients in your bowl, you can feel the heat coming out from the bowl. Because of the side dishes and the rich flavor of cheese, even people who are afraid of the spiciness can love the dish.

2. Spicy fried rice cake $160  P:3.8  A:3.0
Spicy fried rice cake is a classic dish for everyone who first approach to Korean food. This dish features both sweetness and spiciness in a good balance and blend with lots of vegetables, like cabbages and onions to decrease the spiciness of the dish. What’s more, the rice cake itself is chewy. Therefore, its special flavor and texture makes harmonious combination with rice.

3. Korean barbecue on copper grill pans $260 (pork)  P: 4.2  A:3.5
With the great number of vegetables, like mushrooms, cabbages, and onions surrounding, the pork slices stand in the middle. It provides a bowl of rice and special sauce. Moreover, the quality of the meat is super fresh. When the sizzling sound alert, the fat slightly mixes up with the vegetables. It’s nice to give a mouthful of the perfect combination of all the elements, with the juice bursting out in your mouth.

4. Korean Army Stew $220 (pork)  P:4.2  A:3.7
This dish is well-known for its great portion of the food as its name has mentioned. You can discover lots of ingredients inside the pot. The texture of the noodle is chewy and irresistible with the mixture of ham, pork, and cheese. Soup is also a tremendous part of this cuisine with kimchi’s sourness and moderate amount of spiciness in it. It’s valuable for good quantity and quality.

5. Korean Fried Chicken $230  P: 3.7  A: 3.5
Authentic Korean-style fried chicken which is full of flavor but not too spicy. It has crispy skin marinated with Korean spicy sauce, with a cute little flag on the top. Unlike the Korean fried chicken we’ve eaten before, the right amount of spicy sauce is just enough. Although it’s not wet and juicy, it is still a great way to handle the crispness of the batter.

6. Cheese barbecue bibimbap $270/2or3 (pork)  P:4.0  A:4.2
With great amount of cheese mixed in the bowl, it is a very good delicacy. It can be served with beef or pork. The role of kimchi inside of it is quite a perfect combination with pork and seaweed. Because it’s a meal for two to three people, so it’s a high CP dish with low price for a big eater.

7. Seafood pancake $160  P:3.0  A:4.5
Han Mi Da’s seafood pancakes have been getting great reviews. The large sixteen pieces of pancakes look tempting. You can see the squids, shrimps and green onions as the stuffing in it. With a dip, the original flavor is enough to taste. The sauce is also appetizing, which is kind of sweet.

8. Korean cold noodles $170  P: 3.5  A:3.8
Various ingredients in this cold noodle. All vegetables and seaweed are topping like a salad. The most important ingredient is its sauce, which is a bit too sour. The cold temperature keeps the noodle’s texture very chewy. Therefore, the flavor and texture is good enough to make you mouthwatering.



Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience. Since we are students, the moment that we saw the side dish is all-you-can-eat made us high on cloud nine. My personal favorite is the cheese barbecue bibimbap. We both are big fan of bibimbap, so we already put much expectation into it before we tasted it. I’m also a cheese lover, adding on this dish was like an icing on the cake! The most importantly was the amount of portion, generous and ample for me~


In this rapid society, I really enjoy these dining experiences since it provides a relaxed atmosphere to their customers. Every element in the restaurant arouses my motivation for going second time. In suggestion, I personally like the Cheese Bibimbap. The combination between its spiciness and rich flavor of cheese tickle my taste buds, not to mention about the power of those free side dishes. With the moderate and affordable prices and delicious delicacy, Han Mi Da is undoubtedly the best for people to give it a try.

Healthy Life: Intermittent Fasting and Healthy Meals

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share my experience of doing intermittent fasting and cooking healthy meals.

Since I’ve eaten too much greasy food recently, and sometimes I’m so hungry in the middle of the night that I eat lots of late-night meals. I feel this kind of eating habit is not good for my health, so I decide to take intermittent fasting to get my body used to eating at the right time.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent Fasting refers to empty the stomach and intestines through fasting, allowing the normally overworked body to take a rest, restore normal functions, achieve a better functioning state, and at the same time gain the effect of losing weight and increasing fat burning. Many diets focus on what to eat, but intermittent fasting is all about when you eat.

Learn More:

Benefits of fasting


I will adopt the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting, which is to fast for 16 hours a day and focus on eating within 8 hours. In addition to 168 fasting, I will also pair it with healthy meals which I cook by myself.

I will use this app to record the process of fasting.

16:8 Intermittent Fasting

This is my fasting time. I started it at 8 pm and ended it at 1:38 pm the next day. I’ve fasted for 17 hours and 38 mins in total.

The app would also tell me my fasting hour status.

Healthy meal

1. Sweet pepper
2. Cucumber
3. baby corn
4. chicken breast
5. oil
6. salt
7. black pepper

This is a healthy meal cooked by myself.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Through intermittent fasting and healthy meals, I felt that my body feels lighter the next day. I didn’t know if it was because of my psychological effect. I thought the 16:8 intermittent fasting made me not have the idea of eating late-night meals, and I had no difficulty implementing it. What’s more, the healthy meals unexpectedly made me feel full, and I ate happily without any guilt. 😊

A Good Place For U to Create: Lu-Wei Pottery

Hi everyone! We are Tiffany, Joy, and Micky!

Are you looking for an activity that can bring you huge sense of achievement or are you interested in making your own creation?

Here we would like to share our unique experience with Pottery Handmade course with you guys and don’t miss it!

Lu-Wei Pottery

● Philosophy:

Lu-Wei pottery is directly named after vegetation, which is the reed. Reed represents ordinary but sincere and honest; moreover, it is firm and indomitable. The studio compares the reed as the ship, which directs the life-direction of people. The owner of the studio hopes anyone who comes here can feel relaxed and enjoy the DIY pottery class. (LuWeiPottery, n.d.)

● Studio Addresses:

Minsheng Road No.117, Fengshan, Kaohsiung city.



● Transportation:

→ Motorcycle: can park in front of the studio (4 motorcycles)

→ Car: can park in the parking lot of Fongshan District Office + walk for 5 mins

→ MRT:  1. To Dadong Station + walk for 5 mins

                2. To Fengshan Station + walk for 10 mins

PS It’s easy to go even if you do not have a car or do not live in Kaohsiung city. Since the studio is near the station, you can take the train to Fengshan Station and walk for about 10 minutes like the three of us!

● Pick-up Time:

Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun    10:00~12:00 / 13:00~18:00

(Wed & Thu are their preparation dates, so they will not open to customers.)

● Registration (online/phone call):

→ Online Info :




→ Phone call: 0975-478-937

(LuWeiPottery, n.d.)

● Floor Guide:

1F: throwing pots

2F: pinch pot, rubbing, painting

● Items service:

Moai pot→ NT. 800 (180mins)

Pinch mug→ NT. 800 (180mins)

Painting(cup/ bowl/dish)→ NT.700 (60mins)

Rubbing(dish)→NT.850 (90mins)

Throwing(bowl/ dish/ vase)→ NT.600 (60mins)

Customization(pottery planter)

(LuWeiPottery, n.d.)

What we experience?

Tiffany: Pinch Moai pot→ NT. 800

Joy&Micky: Pinch mug→ NT. 800

An Awesome Day ❤

We spend about 3~4hours to create our works. Teacher in Lu-Wei Pottery is full of patient that she would lead everyone step by step and you don’t need to worry about being left behind or messing up anything ; ). What’s more, she is also humorous that you would not feel the any stress or uncomfortable in this unfamiliar studio. All you have to do is enjoy the wonderful time here. Basically, from size to color, Lu-Wei studio provides you a lot of choices and gives you the freedom to be creative, so you can create your own ideal and unique pottery. Although our pottery needs time to fire so it can’t be taken away immediately, we still look forward to seeing the finished works!

Check our video to know more about Lu-Wei Pottery ; )


Lu-Wei Pottery. (n.d.). Home[Facebook Page]. Facebook. Retrieved June 10th, 2022 from

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Luyuting1991 [@luyuting]. (2021, May 21th). Working hard to clean under the hot sun, it’s the day for Koala and Fish to work. Our old studio is turned into a new one and welcomes visitors. Wish us a smoother future. Although the pandemic influences the reservation, we still need to work together and fight against the virus. #luweipottery#unitedandprotecttaiwan [photograph]. Instagram. Retrieved June 8th, 2022 from

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New Wave Rapstar: SiNNER MOON


SiNNER MOON is one of the most famous rappers recently in Taiwan. He is now a junior in NYCU(國立陽明交通大學) and majors in Foreign Language Department. When he was a child, he showed a lot of passion for English and was also inspired by foreign rapper, so he started writing rap songs in English.

Living like a rockstar, his appearance is extremely different with others. The most obvious part is his dyed-red wolf cut hair. His clothes are also exclusive, like always wearing in dark.

Why named SiNNER MOON?

SiNNER: Because he is a Christian, he believes that everyone is born sinner. 
                     Also, he thinks that compares with the whole universe, human is 
                     insignificant. So the letter "I" is lower case.

MOON: He feels himself related to moon since he was a kid.


Because all of his works are English “Rap” song, it is hard to recognize what he is singing about at the first time. Also, most of the lyrics contain jargon(黑話), which makes them even harder to understand. All you need to know is those are hit songs you will hear in the party.

It is widely said by himself and also his friends that he never write the lyrics before recording the song; that is, he freestyle for almost all the song. But there are still some exceptions if there is a topic for the song.

What’s more, as a devout Christian, he likes to cite the Bible verse in the beginning of the song. (Turn on the caption then you will see)

1) Rockstar

Affected by foreign rapper and rockstar, such as Juice Wrld and XXXTentacion, he not only lives like a rockstar, but also sings like it.

NOTE: Rolling Loud is the largest Hip-Hop festival in the World.

2) Anime fan

He likes to share some anime on his social media. Moreover, some of his music videos are actually come from the scene of anime.

3) Emotional

Even though he always produces lit songs, he would write some songs to express his feelings on relationship, family, or even the death of his friends.

Taiwan TV Program

About a year ago, Taiwan finally had its own TV program called 大嘻哈時代 that gave all the rappers in Taiwan a stage to make them came under the spotlight. It is no doubt that SiNNER MOON is one of the dark horse.

NOTE: Most of the lyrics have been censored or rewritten because it is inappropriate to show on the TV.

Due to the show, even though he failed in episode 5, his name and songs has gone viral.

Wolf Pacc

After the TV program has over, he asked Peatle, who is also a rapper and has similar thought with him, to found a punk and rock style band called Wolf Pacc (inspired by the military tactics “wolf pack”).

Recommendation: Cloud 9

For those who are not used to listening to rap song but would like to give it a try.

This is a love song he wrote to his girlfriend. Attracted by brisk melody and romantic lyrics, whenever I hear it I feel falling in love.

NOTE: Cloud 9 means to be extremely happy and excited

Live concert

Traces of Our Youth: Birthday Parties in Dorm

Hello everyone, we are Rita, Clementine, Bella, and Joyce. In our blog, we would like to share our birthday parties in the dorm and give each party a rank. These birthday parties would be our most memorable events in National Pingtung University.   

Since it is a tradition for us to celebrate every close friend’s birthday in our Line group in a special and unique way, we would like to compare each birthday party’s uniqueness and how surprising it was.

*Group name: DPG (short for dinner party group)
*Every birthday party requires an excuse to deceive the birthday girl to come to the designated place.

Planner(s): Could be anyone, but Bella participated the most

Cake delivery: Mainly Joyce

Everyone’s birthday:

  • Esther: 3/13
  • Bella: 4/18
  • Elena: 4/27
  • Micky: 5/30
  • Joyce: 7/7
  • Winnie: 7/7
  • Rose: 10/28
  • Tina: 11/7
  • Clementine: 11/13
  • Rice: 11/20
  • Rita: 11/25
  • Kelly: 12/2

History of our First Birthday Party

Time: November 20th, 2020

It all began on Rice’s birthday in her sophomore year. Only Rose, Bella and Joyce planned to celebrate Rice’s birthday at that time, so it’s just a simple celebration. 

Location: Vacant common room

Excuse: Rose texted Rice to talk (the feeling ‘depressed’ method)


  1. Asked Winnie and Elena whether they wanted to join
  2. Lit the candle, placed the cake on the table, and turned off the lights
  3. Hid in a spot so Rice wouldn’t see us when she arrived
  4. Surprise her by sudden appearances and sang the song

Feature: Joyce was late for celebration.*

*According to Elena and Winnie, Joyce always takes a long bath, so when she arrived, Rice had already finished the cake that Joyce bought for her. 

(Ages ago, so we have no pictures)

Significant Birthday Parties

1.  Esther's birthday (March 13th, 2021)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Location: Dormitory, R floor

Feature: Celebrated under the night stars & electronic candle

Planner: Bella

Excuse: Clementine asked Esther to accompany her to collect her clothes at the roof floor because she was scared of the dark (Lame excuse but gladly, Esther bought it).


  1. Gather all the friends by the R floor (8th, the side where there’s no hangers).
  2. Informed Clementine to pick Esther up since they’re roommates.
  3. Downloaded the candle app and waited patiently for Esther to arrive.*
  4. Sang a birthday song under the night stars.

*Because there’s no wax candle, so we used the app one for substitute   

Idea: After DPG had dinner at the end of winter to celebrate before the winter holiday, our group members all agreed to chat and hang out there.


  • Clementine: I think it was the first birthday party we had held for our friends, so everyone was so excited and happy to celebrate Esther’s birthday. I will always remember the moment that we got together to give Esther a big surprise, 
  • Bella: It’s the first party that didn’t ruin the surprise. Choosing the roof over a regular dorm room to celebrate was always a good idea in everyone’s mind…but I forgot to plan the rest, so it turned out to be a mess, only a bit!
  • Rita: Since it was the first time that we celebrated Esther’s birthday, all of us did our best to hide behind the pillars on the roof. We peeked out to see whether Esther came or not, but when she appeared, no one gave orders such as sing a song or give Esther a surprise. Although it was a little messy, we still let Esther feel surprised. I think the unique thing was that Esther didn’t blow the real candle, instead, she blew an electronic one. 
  • Joyce: This is the one I like the most. The first reason is that we celebrate Esther’s birthday on the roof of the dormitory, the space is bigger than inside the dormitory.The other reason is that this is the first time I watch the night view from our school.We chatted on the roof for a while after the birthday party was chill and interesting. This birthday party gave me an unforgettable memory.


Esther with her cake and the electronic candle
2. Bella's birthday (April 18th, 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Location: Dormitory room

Feature: paranormal (?)

Planner: Rose (more like an informer)

Excuse: None, because Bella left to shower so everyone had enough time to gather and hide


  1. Waited for Bella to wash her face and informed everyone to gather
  2. Gathered in Bella’s room but hadn’t come up with a plan yet
  3. Tina suggested hiding on Rose’s bed ( 5 people, except for Esther; she hid in the closet)
  4. After Bella came in from shower, everybody would cheer and welcome her


  • Clementine: This was a really interesting birthday party because everyone got together on Rose’s bed to give Bella a big surprise (it looked very funny), and I can’t forget how surprised Bella was when everyone jumped out to celebrate her happy birthday. 
  • Bella: It’s MY birthday. Though my friends didn’t prepare a BIG surprise, I created the drama on my own, so it made the celebration more interesting (-insert face palm-). And I hadn’t even dried my hair after shower but they did it anyway 🙃🙃🙃
  • Rita: I like the way we celebrated Bella’s birthday; it’s simple and made Bella feel surprised or scared(?) successfully. By the way, at the time there were 5 people crowded on Rose’s bed to wait for Bella. It was a little hot.
  • Joyce: This birthday party is the scariest of all birthday parties for me. If I were Bella, I would be scared when I saw a bunch of people hiding on my bed. Otherwise, when I hid on Rose’s bed the only thing I worried about was whether the bed would break or not because there were so many people crowded on that bed. Although that situation looked a little ridiculous, it was a very funny and cool experience. So this birthday party impressed me a lot. 


Bella just came back from shower, surprised by the celebration.
3. Tina's birthday (November 7th, 2021)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Location: Dormitory room

Feature: RPG style

Planners: Rita & Rose, Bella (helper)

Excuse: Checked on the exhaust fan in the loo.*

*The exhaust fan in the 3-F bathroom gets turned off frequently, but we all like to keep it on to avoid the mosquitoes getting in. So, when Rose came back from filling the water, she told Tina to check on the fan.  After Tina stepped fully outside the room- BAM! - Rose immediately shut the door and locked Tina outside.


  1. Gave everyone a card to write their first impression on Tina
  2. Like an RPG game, Tina would enter their room to collect the cards. We gave a map for Tina to know where she should go to collect the cards. It was Rita’s idea to make Tina exercise, searching from 3 – 5 – 7 floors in particular order
  3. When Tina finished collecting one’s card, the person could come to our dorm room and gather for Tina’s return
  4. When Tina finished the card hunting, we opened the door for her to come in and sang the song.


  • Clementine: I really like this party because it added the features of an RPG game, so seeing Tina try to collect the card to enter her room is very funny.  
  • Bella: I drew the map for Tina, glad she figured out how to play on her half way. Seeing Rose shut the door in Tina’s face, the scene was hilarious; it’s a shame that we didn’t film it.
  • Rita: Tina has been my roommate for three years. I thanked her a lot, so I prepared the cards for everyone and planned this party with Rose and Bella. I’m glad that Tina enjoyed the game although she didn’t know how to play at first.
  • Joyce:This is the most relaxing birthday party for me because I just need to chat with Rice in the dorm and wait for Tina to find us. The most impressive part is that when she came to find me and Rice, we found that she didn’t even understand how to play this game, but she had already found many correct answers at that time, so I don’t know how she made it. I think maybe she has a talent for room escape or reasoning games.


Tina was shocking.
4. Rice and Rita's birthday (November 20 & 25th, 2021)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Location: Vacant common room


  1. Two birthday girls thought they’re going to celebrate for each other
  2. Game

Planner: Micky (game creator), Bella (assistance)

Excuse: Celebrate for Rice/Rita


  1. Told everyone to draw for the person we assigned to before the day when the party was held (Rita drew Rice while Rice did the opposite).
  2. Collected everyone’s sketch when gathering
  3. Rita and Rice would get confused since they didn’t know they were both going to be celebrated soon*
  4. Informed everybody to go to the specific vacant common room
  5. Urged them to sit down and sing a birthday song, telling them it’s a celebration for them
  6. Start to guess whose drawing.**

*Rice and Rita both carried a small cake that they thought it was for each other

**Everyone (except Rita and Rice) would mislead them to guess the answer wrong because they had to get all the answers correct before leaving


  • Clementine: I liked the hilarious atmosphere when Rice and Rita tried so hard to guess who’s drawing it was, and I was also pretty impressed by everyone’s beautiful sketch.
  • Bella: It’s funny to see two girls thought they were going to celebrate for each other. Their surprised faces were epic! I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣
  • Rita: I was told to take Rice’s cake and wait for surprising Rice, but later I was confused by why there was another cake with Rice. I was surprised then because everyone celebrated our birthdays together. The guess drawing game was interesting, but it was so difficult that I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s heart.  
  • Joyce: This birthday party was a little difficult for me because we needed to draw pictures of Rita and Rice. I was assigned to draw Rice, but my drawing ability is the same as elementary school students. So I thought about how to draw to let rice guess the right answer. Fortunately, Rice guessed it smoothly in the end.The funniest part of this birthday party for me was when they guessed the picture, it was hilarious and the atmosphere was great.


Rita and Rice were guessing the pictures that DPG girls drew.
5. Micky's birthday (May 30th, 2022)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Location: Google meet

Feature: Online celebration & guessing drawing game

Planner: Rose, Bella (co-planner)

Excuse: Rita asked Micky to join the meeting and discuss the materials for tutoring


  1. Rose gave everyone a background picture (with Micky’s name and birthday features)
  2. Everybody had to change the background before Micky joined in
  3. After Micky joined the meeting, everyone had to turn on the camera in specific order so as to reveal the background words
  4. Sang the song and cheered for her 21st Birthday
  5. Sent the PPT with drawings to Micky
  6. Micky had to share the document and start the guessing drawing game


  • Clementine: This birthday party was the most touching one for me. Although we are separated by the COVID-19, there’s nothing that can stop us from celebrating Micky’s birthday!
  • Bella: Every time when I tried to plan a celebration for Micky, we all went home for DISTANCE LEARNING!!! It’s too bad we couldn’t surprise her more…let’s hope for the epidemic to get better so Micky could have a decent party next year.
  • Rita: We never held a birthday party to Micky, our good friend in DPG. This was the first time, and was the most special birthday party. We held it online! Micky was moved by us although she thought that she had joined the wrong meeting room at first. 
  • Joyce: This birthday party is special because this is the first time we held an online birthday party. Although it is a pity that we can’t celebrate birthdays face-to-face, the process is still interesting. The most impressive part is when we sang the birthday song together it was just like a disaster because everyone’s voices are out of sync, which is interesting.


Micky was surprised.


DPG Photos

More to see: Video