NTU to offer all-English undergraduate program

I believe this will be the first all-English undergraduate program offered by a Taiwanese National University. What are your thoughts about this? Do you think this is needed in Taiwan? Do you think the tuition is expensive?  Why develop this kind of program? Read, comment upon, and ask a question about the following article. Try to add at least 25-150 word responses. Let’s get some discussion going. 😉


PS. To give you some idea of how expensive college is in the US, see the following link.

Here’s how much college will cost you this year
Average state college tuition rose 2.4% this year





3 thoughts on “NTU to offer all-English undergraduate program

  1. Shelly
    I guess the reason they don’t accept the score of the national university entrance examination maybe is because they think the English test is too easy for them to pick out appropriate students. But as a Taiwanese who speaks Chinese growing up, I don’t think students could reach those professors’ expatiation. Only certain students who mostly speak English since they were young or have studied English longer than their peer would could have a chance entering the program.
    The tuition is way too high comparing to others going to public universities in Taiwan. The program meat to be a choice for people who want to study abroad but don’t have that much money. In my opinion, this won’t work for attracting students. If I want to have a foreign study experience, why not just saving up more money to go abroad? I don’t think no one wants to spend that much money to get foreign study experience, but only receive the degree that is similar to other students going to local college. As far as I know, a college degree in Taiwan is not ”important” in the foreigners’ eyes.
    Even if they can attract that many overseas students, they might also feel their is not fluent enough as those students might come from non-English speaking countries as well.


    • Shelly:

      Excellent points. As for your comment “I guess the reason they don’t accept the score of the national university entrance examination maybe is because they think the English test is too easy for them to pick out appropriate students,” I wonder if there is another reason. Maybe one good thing about the program is the option to not rely on the same old evaluation method “national university entrance examination.” An alternative option seems good, and maybe some of the other “Top” national universities in Taiwan could realy more on other methods for admission. I also think the cost of the program is really too much, and should be more like NT$300,000 in my opinion.



  2. Coco

    I think that the tuition is too expensive in Taiwan. This program may only for the rich family; however, if there is a student who isn’t in rich family that he wants to study abroad in future; he can’t join this program because he don’t have lots of money to pay! I think this is a problem that this program only designs for high level and rich family; instead, this is not a real “change” for every student in Taiwan. Although the students who want to be an international person is important to his or her language, there isn’t equal for the students who aren’t in rich family.


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