New Papaya Post!

Congratulations to all the English Department students and staff responsible for the New September/October 2016 issue of The Papaya Post! If anyone has a comment or reply to any of the fine articles in the new issue, post them below.

Here’s the link:




One thought on “New Papaya Post!

  1. Esther

    1.What Apps do you use and for what functions?
    LINE, for chatting with friends, and it is free
    Facebook, for fun, relaxed
    Instergram, for following other people’s life
    Youtube, for watching movies or listening music
    Messenger, for chatting with friends
    KKBOX, for listening music
    McDonald’s, for getting coupons
    FIGHT.K, it is my church app
    B612, for taking selfies
    VSCO, it is an image editing app

    2. In what ways do you communicate with people and with what kind of technologies?
    I use LINE and Messenger to communicate with people. Both of them can make free phone calls and video phone. There are plenty of stickers that we can use them to express deeply our thoughts, mood, and situation.

    3. How much time do you spend on computers, phones, and tablets? 50-150 words and include at least one question.
    I spend 5 hours on using phones. I using LINE, Messenger, Instergram and Facebook in the most of time, and others apps depend my mood to decide to use.

    Q:Do you think that LINE or Messenger are the best communication forms? Why?


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