Love Doesn’t Come With a Price Tag

Written by Ian Chen & Lydia Chiu (Apr 30, 2017)

Animal right has been seen as a big issue nowadays. More and more people have one pet and even more; however, “pets” may not see as an important part of their family many years ago. They were seen as lower class creatures and may be treated badly.IMG_1493

Take my experience for example, there were 2 dogs in my grandmother’s house; nevertheless, they could not enter the house and only could stay outside watching out the suspicious people. One of them was even poisoned by a stranger whom we were not familiar with. After the cute dog was killed, the only thing my family could do was nothing because animal right was not a hot issue at that time. Since the animal right has been focus by people, my family suddenly realize that how they treated the dogs was not friendly or kindly.

 After having this kind of experience, my family have decided not to keep pets anymore.

In my third year of university, I moved from school dorm to my renting house. My new roommate have a black cat called Mimi(咪咪). I asked him how he met Mimi, he said that his friend found a box on the street, and there were five kittens inside. His friend started to ask if anyone can adopt them, and my roommate adopted Mimi. There are four white kittens and one black kitten in the box, and only one white cat and black cat (Mimi) was adopted by my roommate and his friend. He heard that the others are mercy killed. Mimi suddenly lost her family, and could only rely on my roommate and I.S__7299241

Fortunately, we love Mimi and take care of her carefully. She now becomes a healthy and active cat.


Adopting animals is great, but it also followed with responsibility. Many masters loved their pets at the beginning; however, as they become busy, they started to fell impatient about their pets. Whats more, they might abandon them. If the masters are going to abandon animals, then they should not adopt any of them at the very beginning. IMG_1581

There are still many pet shops selling animals.


(The cat in the picture is kept in a pet shop, not for sell)

Please Adopt, Because Love doesn’t Come With a Price Tag


One thought on “Love Doesn’t Come With a Price Tag

  1. I also have an adopted cat called Fatty(肥肥). His situation was not optimistic when I got him. He had mold on his skin and a strange insect called giardiasis(梨形鞭毛蟲病) in his belly. It did cost me lots of money to cure Fatty, but it is worthy. There are many stray animals on the street waiting people to save them and keep them. Stray animals may not have good looking like animals in the pet shop. However, they are the same. Pets treat their masters with truly loyalty. If we love them, please don’t abandon them. Now, my pet Fatty live in a great life and he is really fat. lol


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