Fall in Love with Yellow Butterfly Festival

Back to 2016, I was a leader of Yellow Butterfly Festival (YBF). In this festival, I learn a lot of things that we can’t find in books; also, I met a lot of new friends who are from different places around Taiwan. For me, it was a special experience in 2016, I did lots of things during this activity which I never did before.



I was the reader of butterfly oration when all the volunteers worshiped for the gods; this was my first time that I stood in front of 70~80 people and read the oration. At first, I was so nervous and excited, because I never did this kind of task before, and I was afraid that I can’t speak Hakka language very well. Therefore, I practiced Hakka language every day, and imaged the feeling of reading butterfly oration. Fortunately, my partner and I did a good job when other volunteers worshiped for the gods.

We had field research of water issue during the activity. We visited some Meinong people who had unique stories of “water”, and shared their memories of childhood for us. There was a resident whose story was funny; he liked to swim in the canal which was in Meinong and there were a lot of mango trees beside the canal; therefore, during swimming, he would picked some mango to take home for his snack. However, we can’t experience this special activity now, we only can image his wonderful memory.


No matter it is sunny or rainy, we still go outside to have our research. We like to play and find out something special so that those experiences can become our summer memory. Although it is raining outside, and there was a typhoon would hit Taiwan next day, we still want to go out to have fun. It was an exciting day.



After our field research, we need to have presentation of our result. We worked and discussed together all night in order to have a perfect presentation for other people at next morning. We did our best to present the field research of these days, and we also learned some water issues which didn’t get before. Although we burned the midnight oil to prepare our presentation, it was an opportunity for us to learn team work and strengthen our friendship.



After YBF, there are some people who are from Taipei and Taichung, they decide to stay in Meinong until the school begins the new semester. So we have more time to have other trips which we go to Longquan of Pintung together and we have special meals together.

I was so glad that I can meet these friends, they gave me a lot of happiness and joy. We created a unique summer vacation in 2016, and had an unforgettable memory in Meinong. One of my friends who is from Taipei said “I love Meinong after I joined YBF, I decide to stay here in the future.” We all fall in love with Meinong and Yellow Butterfly Festival, like the other friend said that Meinong is a Utopia, the people are kind; we love here and want to create more memory here.



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