Taiwan Three Babies(台灣三寶)

As we know that Taiwan traffic is very busy, and there has the Road Sambo(馬路三寶), it includes women, old guys and old women. Taiwan has a lot of these guys everywhere. Even if you how to pay attention, the accident will still happen, just like a curse.


And how these accidents happen? Let’s see. Those guys turn right when the traffic light was still red. I think they can’t wait the traffic light to turn green, they just can’t wait for everything.


And other example was reverse driving. Reverse driving, for motorcycles, I think it’s ok for me. But those people who reverse driving thought they were the boss. Reverse driving was wrong, but they didn’t look at other cars or motorcycles, they just drive their own way.


Taiwan traffic control was very bad, especially Ping Tung. We live in Ping Tung, and we see and meet those stupid drivers everyday. It’s very terrible, how can they drive like this? Is that they don’t afraid of dead? Or they want to dead? But, I will answer they that if you want to dead, please stay away from me, I don’t want to dead or crash on you, I don’t want to go into the prison. Please don’t framed me.


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