Under Scars

Be yourself, don;t change for anyone. if they do not like you at your worst, then they do not deserve you at your worst.

When I was little_170608_0001

I think most people know my healthy situation is not very well. I have a sudden twitch sometimes. Maybe it scares many people when happening. But, today’s topic is not twitch, it is the other thing that also scared a lot of people before. When I wear the shorts, you can see my legs and arms have some scars. People see my wound, frighten and think “How poor she is.” They may think I scalded or had a car accident before. The real name is called Atopic Dermatitis (AD, 異位性皮膚炎). And I would like to talk about the introduction of AD and some experiences I go through.


Why a person gets AD has different reasons. Maybe it is heredity or the air is too dry. What’s more, eating or touching something may cause the skin more badly. Someone’s allergic agent is from food, like seafood or milk. My main allergic agent is not food, but called dust mite (塵蟎). But, I am also allergic to some food, especially peanuts. I remember one time I ate a lot of peanuts, and next day I found my face swelled like an Anpanman. Every person who has AD is also accompanied by allergic rhinitis (過敏性鼻炎) or asthma (氣喘). AD can be cured gradually, but sometimes it may recur when growing up. The most important is it will not be contagious. Many people are scared to get close to us because of they are afraid of being contagious.

Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

When I was little_170608_0004

I am very sensitive while people ask me about my scars. When I was little, my AD is very severe. Sadly, people passing by me always pointed to me and had disgust faces. They did not know that it made me very sad. From then on, I hated to wear shorts or skirts because they showed my wounds. The most unforgettable is when I was in the elementary school. At that time, most the girls hated to go to PE class. However, I didn’t have to go to the PE class. Because the sun would make me sweat and feel itchy, I could stay in the classroom or in shade. And one day, I was suddenly edged out in girls’ group. Only few girls talked to me. Of course I was very hurt those days. But I looked back, I think they are very bored. Just because I didn’t have to be under the sun, I was hated by a group of nine-year-old girls. It sounds funny now. Gradually, my AD is getting better. Only one thing makes me irritating. When the seasons or weather change, my skin will perceive and feel itchy. My mother always says I am a weather forecast.

I appreciate to those who accept me and treat me normally. You make me feel like I am not an abnormal. Don’t discriminate against people who born with illness. If we can choose, who don’t hope to have a healthy body?When I was little_170608_0007.jpg


One thought on “Under Scars

  1. Thanks for sharing this–it is a really powerful and honest piece of writing! BY the way, my new daughter Eleanor has this same issue, so my wife and I are doing a lot of research on this topic (Atopic Dermatitis). I think your parents must have done a very good job dealing with this and explaining it to you. Thanks again for sharing your story!



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