My gardening experience

CDI104010 Hank
I started to plant some flowers because my junior high school teacher told us to do an experiment on plants. After the experiment, I brought the plants home and started to make it grow bigger by giving water and soil. However, I didn’t do it very often until I found it grow greatly one day. Therefore, I gave the plant watering more often than before. The plant didn’t blossom; consequently, I requested my dad to buy me some other plants that can blossom. I took care of the new ones very carefully and many beautiful flowers came out so soon. However, when winter came, the leaves and flowers all fell and I was disappointed; consequently, I didn’t care about them in winter. To my surprise, in the next spring, the leaves and flowers grew again and I became interested in gardening again. Sometimes the leaves even grow too much; consequently, I have to cut them. Sometimes flowers fall, so I have to sweep them up I don’t regard it as a burden because taking care of plants can bring me delight and sense of achievement. My father also said that gardening can help me develop sense of responsibility
Having plants is a fun experience because you can observe the process they grow up. You will feel contented when they grow very well with plenty of leaves and flowers but you are likely to feel discouraged when the leaves and flowers fall down. Planting plants can not only be beneficial to nature but also make people delighted by observing their growth. I enjoy gardening because it provides me with the joy in life and a chance to contact with nature.


These are the flower I planted.


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