BRA-thers to Tainan! Places & Food-king Delicious

It’s been a long time that the group of us (Rex, Ben, Ace) haven’t go for a trip away from Ping Tung. The last time we went out together were more than 6 months ago in Hua Lian and Tai Tung. Since Michael’s blog project gave us this opportunity to get along together again. We decided to went on a trip to Tai Nan “the city of food”, which is also hometown of one of the member: Rex.

In this trip, we have two extra special guests: Eason and Jayson, both from the same department of ours. We will be focusing more on food and famous places. We distribute our work among each person to make work easier and allow us to focus more on our own part. Rex will be our food critic; who talk and give review on what we consume that day. Ben as the expert of archeology; examine? Nope, just recording the best parts of the places that we will go. Ace as the lazy follower; who follow around and not doing anything (not really). And lastly, the two special guests as our photographer.

If you talk about Tainan, the first thing that you think about must be the food. There are so many delicious foods in Tainan, and I will tell you which is the most delicious food store that I recommend in Tainan city.

First is the breakfast. If you talk about the breakfast, what will show up in your mind? The sandwich or the burger? In Tainan, we don’t eat those thing as the breakfast, we eat beef soup and minced pork rice. It is cool, right? But there are so many beef soup store, which one is the most delicious? I think is Wun Chang beef soup which located in Anping. It is a 30 years old shop, and I think is the only beef soup shop that open 24 hours. So, it’s not only for breakfast, if you are hungry at midnight, you can go to eat it as well.


The soup use Chinese medicine to cook, so it smells very good. And all his beef are from the cow which kill on day. It is very fresh.


Just by food can never fulfill our desire, the best way to fill up our trip when our stomach are full is to hang around in Tai Nan. Wandering around with no target just looks like some soulless body, there must be some famous places which are worth going.

Tainan is a city which combines modern and history. It is known for historical buildings and streets. Also, food in Tainan is traditional and unique. Many tourists go to Tainan for tasting food. In this post, we’re going to introduce different features in Tainan.

First, Anping Fort is a historical building in Tainan. It was a fortress built by Dutch from 1624 to 1634. The government set Anping Fort as a first-grade historical building. Even though Anping Fort was almost destroyed during Dutch period, we can still feel the history around this building. When you see Anping Fort, you must notice the white observation deck. It is built by Japanese instead of Dutch; however, people can observe the whole Anping through it.


This wall exists for about 400 years, and this is a only part of original Anping Fort.Around Anping Fort, we can wander the Anping street for a while. There are a lot of venders selling foods and toys. If you have a trip to Tainan, Anping is a place you have to visit and enjoy.

After the old school, old people place of Anping. We need some energy for the young! For people who doesn’t seem to be interested in any of the historical buildings, it’s time to refresh and blow up their mind with a huge shocking moving machine (not anymore) after their yawn.

Just like the fort, it is also in Anping, and it is not like Anping Fort is a historical building. However, this is meaningful to Taiwan, it is TEYANG Destroyer.


TEYANG Destroyer is originally United States Navy’s Gearing-class(基靈級)destroyer and launched in 1945. It went to the Vietnam War and Korean War and has the honor to receive Battle the Star medal. Then, in 1977, TEYANG Destroyer started to maintain the Taiwan sea area security. In 2005, it was decommissioned in Kaohsiung Harbor. Nowadays, TEYANG Destroyer becomes a scenic spot with many historical meanings.S__166346756

In TEYANG Destroyer, people can experience how sailor lived in it. All things are preserved very well, so people can see the entire appearance of TEYANG Destroyer. People can see the deck, forts, and the captain’s room. When I entered the captain’s room, I felt like I’m a captain of TEYANG Destroyer. There is something special I see. There is a space behind the apron remake into a bar. People can take a rest at the bar and enjoy the view. TEYANG Destroyer is also known for its apron. It is a popular spot for taking photo.

qwdqwdqwdpeople can experience the flag semaphore

In conclusion, TEYANG Destroyer is a meaningful and historical place. Because it opens for public recent years, and it is only decommissioned worship as scenic spot, a lot of people visit it. In addition, Eternal Golden Castle is beside it, so you can also take a look/ If you go to visit Anping, TEYANG Destroyer is also a place you have to visit.

After visiting a couple of places, it is time for food again! We cannot stop ourselves from getting food after walking so much. That means, we are going to get more food before proceeding our trip! And it is time for our tour guide: Rex the food king to drive us to the food paradise.

It’s lunch time. In my childhood, my grandfather always brought me to a small shop which was selling Fried Eel noodles. It is so delicious. Since that time, I started to fall in love with Eel. Although Eel is not good looking and I think is little scary, it the taste of it is like heaven. So, I think if you come to Tainan, the must to do thing is eating the Eel.

But there are so many fried Eel noodles shop in Tainan, which is most delicious?

I think is a 40 years old shop which near the Dong Men circle. It called Ching Fu Eel shop. It open since 10 at morning until 12 at midnight. So, you can eat it anytime if you want. I think that is also the big advantage of Tainan, in 24 hours a day, if you are hungry, there must a food shop waiting for you.

sdfqwqw And this was our lunch at the day. Looks delicious, right?


Let’s go some where else after filling ourselves. A walk in the park would be a nice place. But since we want to make this a meaningful trip, another worth mentioned place must be our only aim.

As the last stop of the trip before dinner, we’re going to introduce Confucian Temple. Tainan Confucian Temple was built in 1665, and it was the first Confucian Temple in Taiwan; therefore, it was named as Quan Tai Shou Xue(全臺首學)為了報告_180505_0008

When we entered the Confucian Temple, we saw Ming-Lun Hall(明倫堂) on the left side. Ming-Lun Hall is a place for instructors to offer lectures and cultivate intellectuals. If visitors want to take a rest in Confucian Temple, there are many seats offered to sit. In the Ming-Lun Hall, there is a wall written Zhao Meng Fu’s Great Learning.


After passing the Ming-Lun Hall, we saw the outside gate of Ta-Cheng Hall (大成殿). Ta-Cheng Hall is the main building and housing mortuary tablet of Confucian, and his disciples.


Since the sun is tuning down his light, it is not a good idea to travel further. Apart from scare of getting lost in the city, we guess that most of the places are close by the time we reach. It was a hard decision to make for what to eat as dinner, all of us have different opinion. Our final decision comforts everyone and there is nothing to complain about.

For the dinner. We went to Hua Yuan night market. It’s not only the biggest night market in Tainan, but also the biggest it in Taiwan. So, basically it sells everything. The food, clothes, shoes……, anything you can think about. But it only open at 18:00 to 2:00 on every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. At that day, we had the steak meal and some snake in it. Because there were too many people, we didn’t take the pictures.


By the way, when talking about the snake in Tainan, Anping Dao Hua must on your list. It’s not too sweet and it’s Dao Hua is very soft. And in Tainan, there are more and more creation snake shop opened, like Winnie Pooh’s ice cream.

xxxxceeewcdcqq It’s very cute, isn’t it?

Tainan is a really good place for your vacation. But some people said that it is very dangerous. Do you know why? Because you will fat 3 more kilograms when you stay here for three days. Hahaha, just kidding. Hope everyone can enjoy your vacation have fun in Tainan.


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