Exchange Experience in Hradec Kralove

In the video I interviewed some of my friends how they felt about their exchange experiences in Hradec Kralove. Let’s have a look at their reactions first 🙂


Hradec Králové(HK) is a city known for the best quality of living in the Czech Republic. The city is situated in the northern part of Czech Republic and the population is around 100,000. Walking on the street you can see many lovely and old people smiling at you. They may probably say Dobrý den to you, which means hello in the formal way. People in HK are keen on watching ice hockey games. The one represents HK is called Mountfield. Watching ice hockey games and cheering for their own team shows connection and affection to their hometown.


The pace of life is slow here and people enjoy the tranquility of a laid-back life. Having a beer or coffee after work is their way to enjoy life. The food and drink price is low so everything is affordable if you don’t feel like cooking everyday.



Mushroom hunting is also one of the biggest events for people to enjoy here. All you need to bring is a knife, a basket and a field guide with you. Be aware of the poisonous mushrooms! Those look beautiful and with the stripes are probably inedible. The color of edible mushrooms are usually brown or dark brown and you can feel its smooth by touching. It’s really hard to recognise the edible mushrooms; even a mushroom hunter can misunderstand it sometimes. However, it is still a lot of fun to pick up mushrooms in a forest with friends even we barely can find an edible mushroom.

The most important thing I’ve learned during my exchange stay is the communication skills. Everyday I have to live with foreign people and talk to them. At first I wasn’t that comfortable to stay with my roommate due to the different lifestyle we had. Usually I was the one that tended to hide feelings instead of revealing to the person how I felt about the things even though I was really upset at the moment. Things had improved until one day I started to tell my roommate how I felt and hoped she could compromise the problems we had. To my surprise, it worked quite well. Having a good communication matters a lot when you want the other person makes some change for a situation. Without communicating with the person I am sure the problems would still be there and never gone.
I really appreciated every person I met in Czech Republic. It was they taught me how to improve my weakness and to be brave. We created so many unforgettable memories and experienced so much fun things together.
Whenever you have a chance, you should seize the opportunity and go for it.
Thank you my dearest people ❤
                                                                                            2017 Eileen’s winter exchange in CZ

One thought on “Exchange Experience in Hradec Kralove

  1. Oh! This is a very interesting and lovely trip to CZ. From the words, I can feel how CZ impress Eileen on her winter exchange. I would like to visit CZ someday because I like their lifestyle and people. A slow tone and peaceful atmosphere is really my type! The video is funny and is educated. Exchange students share their experiences when they study in CZ, and I think It’s a good idea for those students use their native language to introduce themselves. I heard many different tongues and some I barely heard clearly, but I think it’s okay. Don’t afraid to communicate with foreign people and enjoy the moment is the best thing during the trip!


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