Stay in The Past- The Different Outlook of Pingtung County

I still remember the first time visiting Pingtung County. Even though I never been there before, this city looks like my hometown and makes me feel at ease. Under curiosity, I try to find out something special in this southernmost county of Taiwan.


One Saturday afternoon, I stood in front of an old house with a red door. A breeze slid through my hair, and trees danced with the wind. Then, I walked in the house to find something interesting. In the house, many valuable backgrounds about air force were displayed at every corner. It was a n air force exhibition. According to the history, Japanese built the first airfield of Taiwan in Pingtung. In the beginning, it was used to against with the armies in World War Ⅱ. Japan colonial government enlisted Taiwanese in and established a wing of an air force which purposed to control aboriginals.


This traditional house which was built in Japanese style was change into family dorm in Chiang Kai-shek’s time. The military men’s families could live in those houses that Japanese government left. Thus, this old house is one of them which contained many stories, such as many generals living in before. Nowadays, most of old dorms are rebuilt in restaurants but this one is changed in exhibition place. The picture above tells people that a traditional approach and materials to build a house. The walls of old house were built with combination of bamboos and clay.



Additionally, there is another plain house near the general’s house. It was used to be military men’s family’s dorm. In this place, I listened to many war songs which were composed about forty years ago. The lyrics of war songs not else but focused on the counteroffensive to China. Or, the lyric writers showed their love and passion to the government. Besides, when walking around the house, I found that there are a lot of great creations. These interesting devices help people to learn about the background knowledge of the war songs. That is, people can get the information by tasting the activities that were set in and around the house.



This two-floor house located two blocks away from those two houses. When I visited there for the first time, I was amazed by the architecture which perfectly combined Japanese and American style. Both floor and furniture were made of wood. In addition, a waxen statue sits in the middle of the house. The waxen statue is made for commemorating the mighty general, Sun Li-Ren, who was invited by Douglas MacArthur to negotiate about defense issue of Taiwan. Moreover, he brought the first elephant to Taiwan which was trained to carry soldiers after the war ended in Myanmar. That is, his life story is displayed in this house.

There are still many local stories waiting for being discovered. When you slow down the tempo of your life, you will realize that pleasantly surprises are everywhere. In this city, I found much fun that I never did before. These stories are the basis for the modern society. If those events had not happened before, the development nowadays would not be so prosperous. All in all, try to find out something special and enjoy your life. You will see how different it would be.



2 thoughts on “Stay in The Past- The Different Outlook of Pingtung County

  1. Nice and very detailed introduction, but I didn’t go there before! The tempo of Ping tung is very slower than Taichung, so I can find the differences and special. Also, I like the traditional and Japanese style house very much. All in all, if I have free time, I’ll try and enjoy there.


  2. Pingtung County is really a good place to take a walk. Lots of old buildings and cultures are preserved well. Actually, i think that Pingtung Conuty is a little bit similar to Tainan County. So, i love both cities, haha!


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