You should know about Frenchie and my baby G-tui

I have a pet, and it’s a French bulldog called “G-tui”, its name is given by my uncle. It now lives with my uncle and grandmother in Shin-shi, and Shin-shi is beside my town. G-tui is a lovely cutie, its skin color is beige, and its eyes are dark brown. G-tui’s face has two lacrimal grooves when its health is not good. This can let us know G-tui needs a veterinary. G-tui is a two-year-old boy and it likes to welcome every guest comes to the house. It will be very exciting and jump on you, trying to put its paws on your hands and let you hold them. Also, G-tui loves playing freebee with guys and goes to walk, every dog loves walking! My uncle sometimes takes G-tui a walk by riding a motorcycle, and when G-tui hears the sound of the engine; it will pop out its head from the door and waiting for my uncle’s call. I think G-tui is clever because it knows what people say to it. For instance, G-tui can understand my grandmother’s instructions when my grandmother asks it to drink water in the kitchen or asks it not to stay outside, G-tui do it exactly and perfectly. Compared to other same age’s French bulldogs, G-tui’s size is much bigger than others. Therefore, my uncle always makes a joke of it. He said he was trying to pick a small one yet he picked G-tui and he never thought of that G-tui grew so fast! It’s kind of funny! XD


G-tui usually eats dog food pellets, and it also eats human food such as sliced bread, meat, and greens. To be honest, G-tui is really gluttonous because it likes to sit in front of you when you are eating something, and it will stare at you with its big and round eyes as if it’s begging you for a bite. No wonder G-tui is stronger than other same-aged French bulldogs.

Here comes to the Frenchie, French bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog in France. Its ancestors are imported from England, as know as British bulldog, and they are reproduced with other small breeds of dog in France. Compared to the British bulldog, French bulldog’s appearance and strength are totally different from England bulldog. G-tui’s face doesn’t have much wrinkles and layers, and its eyes are bigger and clear, always shining when you look at it, also, its head is smaller than French bulldog. England bulldog is not like French bulldog is energetic and out-going, it prefers to stay at a place all day and just relax, waking up until the next meal. Well, personally I think both characteristics are kind, amiable and approachable, and they are patient. Therefore, they both are suitable for family to be with!

Bulldog now has various breeds. Each bulldog is unique. Raise a bulldog at home is great but how? There are some tips for you to raise a healthy and happy bulldog.

The first one is often wiping the skin; bulldog’s skin is layered in folds, so it is easy to get dirty and rash. Make sure you use anti-toxic and fragrance-free wipe to clean their faces in case they are allergic. If your dog keeps scratching, rubbing and biting itself, it might get infected and it should go to see a vet asap. The second tip is bathing your bulldog when it becomes smelly or gets dirty after going outside. However, don’t take too much bath because it may remove natural oils which protect its skin. Please use a hair blower to dry its skin, or your bulldog may have eczema and get cold! The third one feeds your bulldog properly, if your pup weights ten pounds, it will need 200 to 700 calories each day, on the other hand, for an adult bulldog, two meals a day is good, yet you can depend on dog’s amount of exercise to adjust. The fourth tip is to avoid human food. There are many yummy foods for human but not always good for dogs, for instance, fruits, such as apple, peach, grapes, berry, and cherry. Broccoli, mushroom, and onion should be prevented. Chocolate and some contain theobromine may cause death. We often think dogs can eat bones; nevertheless, they can’t because they may hurt by pieces of bone if they crunch. The fifth is provide a light walk for your dogs. Try to spare time for taking your dog a walk, it’s definitely good for them and keeps their health. The last tip is to keep bulldogs cool because their respiratory system is weak and they have difficulty breathing on a hot day. Make sure to call your bulldog back home to drink more water and monitor it doesn’t tire itself out when playing outside.



Finally, if you want to raise a bulldog, you can go online and search legal pet stores to get one. Be sure that your dog must have Pet Microchips, and it will help you to find your dog. Visit a veterinary regularly to ensure it’s healthy. Take dogs for a walk every day as you can as possible, they will be happy! There is some information about bulldogs and dog rescue websites on the following, please check if you are interested. G-tui and I wish every owner and their pets have a good time, see ya!


台灣同伴動物扶助協會 TCASA <Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association >





4 thoughts on “You should know about Frenchie and my baby G-tui

  1. CDI104010 Hank
    A dog is a kind of cute animal. Having a pet means you have to spend time and effort taking care of them and it is not easy. Therefore, some people who feed animals may give up feeding the animals and let them become stray animals. Once we decide to keep a pet, we should take responsibility of feeding our animals until they are dead, not desert them when you are unwilling to own them anymore.


  2. Very nice and detailed information about Frenchie. I like the tips you mentioned in the post. They are very useful for people who want to keep frenchie as a pet. G tui seems to be a really smart dog and cutie pie ❤ I feel like playing Frisbee with him 😀

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  3. I think this an informative Blog to make people who want to have a pet have a basic guide for them. Also, it is really helpful for me to have nearer relationship with Frenchie. Because my aunt has Frenchie as well, sometime I would have hard time cheering her up, and this Blog gives me some ideas ways to solve this kind of problem!


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