The Best Taiwanese Idol Dramas in 2000s

The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (2005 TV series)


Number of Episodes: 30

Channel: Taiwan Television (TTV)

Time: 5 June – 16 October 2005

Official Website:


Main Casts: Ming Dao (Shan Jun Hao/ Dang Ou)

Joe Chen (Ye Tian Yu)

Sam Wang (Xu Zi Qian)

Joyce Chao  (Fan Yun Xi)

Character Introduction:

Ye Tian Yu


Tian Yu lives with her step family in a poor village. She does heavy work such as carrying gas tanks to help her stepmother run a store. The financial problem of her family makes her become a person who always manages to make quick money. In her mind, money is very important so she even has dreamed of marring a rich guy. Although she looks like a rush fraud, she is actually a very caring and kind girl.

Shan Jun Hao/ Dangou


Jun Hao is the arrogant and coldhearted CEO of a large hotel chain. He dislikes bowing down and search for help no matter what happened. His inhumane and serious management sets a number of enemies for him. In fact, he still has a nice side of personality which Dangou represents.

Xu Zi Qian


Zi Qian has totally different personality from Jun Hao’s. He is much more easygoing than Jun Hao. When he was child, he was taken in Shan family after a tragedy planned by Jun Hao’s father. He often feel inferior to Jun Hao.

Fan Yun Xi


Yun Xin was adopted by Shan family because her mother abandoned her when she was an infant. She has been raised to be perfect wife for Jun Hao. For her, getting married to him is her dream.


Jun Hao is going to get married with her fiancée, Yun Xi; however, he gets involved into a car accident unfortunately. Tian Yu who thought it was her fault was scared of being arrested so she takes unconscious Jun Hao back home. After Jun Hao is awake, she find that he has lost his memory. Tian Yu gives him an identity “Dang Ou.” Just after they start to have feeling for each other, Zi Qian find Jun Hao doesn’t die and ask Tian Yu return him back. Dang Ou forced to leave Tian Yu, but he keeps searching for Tian Yu. At that time, he gets hit again and forgets what he experienced in Guan Mei village. Tian Yu can’t get over this romance so she tries hard to recall Jun Hao of the day with her. She finally get him back successful, but problem along with it. After some truth is revealed, Zi Qian’ s hate and Yun Xi’s mental problem are thorny for them. Hopefully, they deal with it and everyone get their happiness at the end.



The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog is a drama that can help girl enjoy the fantasy of falling in love with dream guy. Ming Dao elaborates his roll well because he distinctly portraies two roles who has far different personality. When he is Jun Hao, he successfully acted as spoiled and ruthless heir; while, he shows the sincerity and kindness when he is Dang Hao. No wonder he goes viral around Taiwan and wins a huge number of girl’s heart after this drama comes out.

Although the love between Jun Hao and Tien Yu is dreamy for audience, this drama shows more realistic side through memory loss. After Jun Hao lose his memory, he becomes normal people, and have a romance love with Tien Yu. As he is Dang Hao, the love with Tien Yu gets closer to our life. This drama also depicts one of merit of true love. Love can change people. When Jun Hao becomes Dang Hao, he brought out his nice side of personality, which makes him be complete. Staying with Tien Yu, he learns to treat people well. He finally gets rid of his bad trait for Tien Yu. As for Tien Yu, she isn’t like a gold digger when she is in love with Dang Hao. Even though she knows that he isn’t rich guy who she dreams of getting married with, she was deeply attracted by him and gives up unrealistic dream. Many men say girl doesn’t pursue love but money. However, we can tell that girls still are willing to give up everything for who is right one through her personality change.777

Fated to Love You (2008 TV series)


Number of Episodes: 24

Channel: Taiwan Television (TTV)

Time: 16 March – 24 August 2008

Official Website:


Main Casts: Joe Chen (Chen Xin Yi / Elaine),

Ethan Juan (Ji Cun Xi)

Baron Chen (Dylan / Dai Jian Ren)

Bianca Bai (Anna / Shi An Na / Dai Xin Yi)

Character Introduction:

Chen Xin Yi


Xin Yi, a common name in Taiwan, was born and raised in working class family. Working as an unfashionable office lady in a law firm, her coworkers usually sent unwanted task to her. Instead of refusal, she chooses to accept. This kind of girl was described as sticky note girl who is helpful but unnecessary and therefore easy to throw away.

Ji Cun Xi


Ji Cun Xi, a wealthy sole heir soap and cleaning product company. For him, business is business. Most of time, he is proud and hard to close because of his family background. Sometimes, he will act like a child in front of his acquaintance.



Dylan was adopted by priest when he was a child. His humble upbringing doesn’t make him feel inferior; however, he become a humorous and optimistic CEO of art auction finally. He is interested in exploring things that looks plain but potential.



Anna is a beautiful and confident ballet dancer. In her mind, her dream is always top priority.


On account of an accident, Xin Yi and Cun Xi have one night stand on a love cruise. Unfortunately, Xin Yi later finds out that she is pregnant. Cun Xi’s grandmother forces them to get married to have a son to carry on the family name. At first, Cun Xi treats Xin Yi very badly and he even asks her to divorce with him right after giving birth to child. However, he falls for her as time goes on. When they are ready to start their romance, Anna suddenly comes back to him. Everything is back to beginning; Xin Yi end up leaving Cun Xi owing to a car accident which cause an abortion. Although he makes a decision to find Xin Yi, she had already gone on a journey to become better. After many years, they reacquaint each other and actually fall in love.



Fated to Love You is a classic idol drama in Taiwan. It holds record for the highest average single-episode rating. Romantic love and personal development are two main themes in this drama. Both are explored well and inspirational. The actors and actresses success in portraying their characters. Their amazing acting can make audiences immerse in their story. Sometimes you feel real connection between them; therefore, you will get a lot of laughs and tears throughout the story.

What is true love defined by this drama? No matter how many obstacles get in the way of true love, breaking through them always turns out to be the only path to step on. Although their love is a little bit dramatic, it delivers the value of love to audience. In every relationship, people should put enough effort into it; otherwise, it would not work. Cun Xi doesn’t understand to treasure Xin Yi, so he needs to make a lot of effort to chase her back. Therefore, we shouldn’t behave like him, because it perhaps would not be lucky to get back together like them. Furthermore, we should learn to love ourselves more and not to sacrifice a lot for wrong person. Xin Yi had been stoop to compromise for love, but what she get is the bad treatment from Cun Xi. This unhealthy relationship would not last longer.


I consider the growth and development of Xin Yi inspire me the most. Her successful change can encourage many normal girls to become better through their self-effort. Xin Yi is a doormat at start. She dares not to refuse other’s request so she often tires herself out in different aspect of life. This kind of girls deserves to be loved because they want to feel valued. They feel like beg for love. Fortunately, Xin Yi gets assistance and moral support from her benefactor, Dylan. After moving to Shanghai, she tries to restart her life and get over the past. She finds that she has gift for art so she get her confidence back. Finally, she win back not only her romance but also career. Through her personal development, we can know that everyone has possibility to build their ideal life.


The Comparison Between the Prince Who Turns into a Frog and Fated to Love You

The Prince Who Turns into a Frog and Fated to Love You are typical Taiwanese idol drama types.

Typical Taiwanese idol drama materials:

Protagonists: male leads are tall, handsome, and rich; female leads are ordinary and poor.

In the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, male lead(Shan Jun Hao/Dang ou) is the heir and the General Manager of a large hotel chain, and female lead(Ye Tian Yu) is a rustic; in Fated to Love You, male lead(Ji Cun xi) is the heir and the Chief Executive Officer of a company, and female lead(Chen Xin Yi) is an office worker. By the way, male leads’ personalities are bad, while female leads’ are good.

Plots: the protagonists fall in love, and then separate for some reasons, and later fall in love again.

Firstly, the leads meet by chance (in the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, the male lead happens to meet the female lead who is about to drown; in Fated to Love You, the leads accidentally spend a night together and have sex). After the accident, they feel annoyed with each other at first, and then, they are gradually attracted to each other. When their relationship is going great, they are separated by some reasons (in the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, the male lead recalls his memories after a car accident, and backs to his original life; in Fated to Love You, the female lead goes to Shanghai because of the second female lead). Then, they meet again (in the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, the leads meet in a board meeting; in Fated to Love You, the leads meet in Shanghai). After a period, their relationship begins to restore, and finally, they are together again.

Relationships: 2 men and 2 women

The male lead has a girlfriend or fiancée(the second female lead) whose status is in line with the male lead, and basically all the qualities are better than the female lead, while the female lead has a male friend(the second male lead) who is a really nice person, and later likes the female lead. In brief, the second leads’ existences are to help determine love between the leads.

Typical idol drama materials: funny supporting characters and names

Both idol dramas have funny supporting characters, and it happens to be the people around the female lead (in the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, Tian Yu’s family and the residents of Guan Mei village; in Fated to Love You, Xin Yi’s family and the residents of Ginger Island). Also, some supporting characters have funny names (in the Prince Who Turns into a Frog, Dangou (茼蒿), Tong Hua Shun (童花順); in Fated to Love You, Wu Liu Liu (烏陸陸), Wu Qi Qi (烏柒柒), Hao Zheng Chang (郝正常).

The differences between the Prince who turns into a frog and Fated to love you

The Character

Compared to Chen Xin Yi, the character of Ye Tian Yu is much more independent and stronger. She is energetic and outgoing, and never shrinked back when facing Sang Jun Hao. Chen Xin Yi is different from her; she is shy, timid, and has no courage to say no to Ji Cun Xi. She even has a nickname, sticky note girl, which means someone who is helpful but easy to throw away.

The family

Both families of Sang Jun Hao and Ji Cun Xi are rich, but the ways they treat Ye Tian Yu and Chen Xin Yi are quite different. Sang’s family dislikes Ye Tian Yu and try everything to separate her from Sang Jun Hao; they are like the typical mean wealthy family who look down on the poor. Unlike Sang’s, Ji Cun Xi’s grandmother likes Chen Xin Yu very much; she accepts Chen Xin Yu as daughter-in-law at the beginning.

The development of relationship between leads

In the first half of story in the prince who turns into a frog, Sang Jun Hao loses his memories as a CEO of company, so his relationship with Ye Tian Yu is more equal; however, when Sang Jun Hao takes back memories, he become the absolute dominant one.

At the beginning of the story, Ji Cun Xi is like Sang Jun Hao who is dominant, but after Chen Xin Yu has miscarriage and leaves Ji Cun Xi, she becomes a confident and successful businesswoman; therefore, their relationship is no longer unequal.

The development of two relationships are opposite; one is from equal to unequal, and the other one is from unequal to equal.

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One thought on “The Best Taiwanese Idol Dramas in 2000s

  1. These two dramas completely accomplish girls’ romantic dream that is falling in love with ideal men. As you said, these two male protagonists reflect the classical Taiwanese style in drama that men are usually in higher class than women. Thus, they can protect the female protagonists and give them ideal life. Besides, I like Chen Xin Yi the most because she was hard-working. Even though she failed in some ways, she seldom gave them up. Also, she was a good example to encourage girls to be brave and independent. By the way, I really enjoyed these dramas when they televised on TV. They took me two hours on watching TV every Sunday afternoon.


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