Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be? : A Glimpse into Our Lives

Age 7-12


Are you enjoying your life as a kid does?

I still remember how fantastic it is to be a child: believing in the good of others; trying to do “bad” things without getting caught; not worrying about what others might think about me; caring less about everything, etc. Everything looks more exciting and prettier in children’s eyes. At this stage of life, one of the things that made me feel excited was when my dad gave me a ride around our village on his bike. I loved feeling the breeze on my face and it ruffling through my hair; I loved leaning my head on dad’s back; I loved the feeling of being protected and safe. A child falls in love with the simplest things in life.


Age 13-18


Throwing it back to the day when my friends and I graduated from high school.

During my adolescence, well besides schoolwork, I was mostly dealing with two things: anxiety and social relations. I was constantly bothered by anxiety. I worried about anything, such as my self-image; how I felt like I was held and controlled like a prisoner by my parents; what college should I go to, etc. Trust me, there were always countless things to worry and being anxious about. As I was becoming more and more outgoing, friends were what I valued most. I became a lot more confident with myself as I found out friends actually saw the strengths in me that I didn’t even know I had. They gave me the courage to slay the demons that made me feel afraid and uncertain towards things.


Age 19-22


This photo of me along with some of my international friends was taken in Berlin last year, when I had the craziest summer vacation ever.

At this stage of life, I am constantly searching for autonomy, and getting to know and understand more about myself. I’ve realized that every decision I make is going to have an impact on my life. I’ve started to see flaws and cruel reality in this world, and something the society doesn’t want us to see. Everything is getting more realistic; time is flying by faster and faster, yet many things are still unsure.


Age 22~

When I try to see into the future, it’s like trying to look into a heavy fog. I see nothing when I reach out my hands. Things are happening and ending so fast, and I’m still uncertain if I’m ready for what’s coming next. But hopefully, the fog will disappear, and I will find the light that guides me through.

Stella Shih

Age 7-12


This is the first time I got in touch with Japanese culture in my second grade in elementary school. I can’t remember why I was chosen to perform this in front of many people in our school’s anniversary, but I am very sure that I afraid of standing in the stage not only at that time but also today. The teacher who stands in the background of photo is my favorite in my studying life. She is very friendly and taught me a lot. At that time, we’re all very ignorant, and the purpose we went to school is play with peers.


Age 13-18

dorothy 2

During my senior high school, we considered friends is the most important thing in the world and it is still have a same gesture, “ya” when taking a picture. But nowadays, every student in adolescence has their own smartphone and update information very fast. These two photos are famous and spread in Taiwan.



This gesture comes from Korean drama and is very popular nowadays. Swag means swagger, like a very confident and have own style hip hop models. It symbolizes that a person is very awesome.

pic 3

This gesture also comes from Korea. It is very kawaii and means that if I like you, I will “frame” you.

pic 4


Age 19-22

dorothy 5

This picture was taken in teacher’s day when we were a freshman. Time flies, it was two years ago and I still remember what’s going on that day. Yesterday, we had a meeting and rehearsal for a long time in school dorm because we want to give Wayne an impressing teacher’s day.


Age 22~

dorothy 6dor 7

Be a flight attendant? A housewife? An office lady or an English teacher? I still don’t have idea about my future and afraid I will be lost in this world. Since nowadays people don’t have the proficiency in a particular line and low salary paid in Taiwan, many people in our generation might confused about their future job.

Dorothy Chen

Age 7-12


This yellowish picture was taken by my dad in my graduation ceremony of kindergarten. I am the shortest one in the middle. At that time, I was an innocent girl and even a tiny thing can make me happy. I remember the life in kindergarten is carefree and without worries; the only things that I would worry is that I could not play toys or play with my friends. There is no any pressure from studying at that time. Then, I went to elementary school, and I started nervous because I felt strange to the new environment and new classmates, but I was familiar with my classmates before long. This period of time is very precious to me because I met a lot of friends and we still keep in touch until now.


Age 13-18

tina 2

The man in the middle is my junior high school teacher who is very strict but I am greatly benefited from him. The girl on the left is my best friend since junior high school. The picture was taken when I was in the third grade of junior high school after a celebration for students graduating in the current year. Almost every graduate prepared a performance to make up a show. Therefore, my friend and I decided to sing a song, but I felt very nervous because I had never stand in front of a lot of people, not to mention singing in front of them. However, I changed my mind after she encouraged me to take courage so in the end, I conquered the fear and finished the performance. I can’t describe how much a sense of achievement I had after the show. I always remember that day even few years passed.


Age 19-22

tina 3

The five girls besides me are my friends in senior high school. They each have different personalities which made my school days every interesting. Some of them are a little bit potent but thoughtful to life. Some of them look like very quiet when the first time I met her but actually her thoughts always makes me feel interesting. Although the life in senior high school was stressful because there were many exams and classes were waiting for us, we still can find some fun in our daily life, such as playing tricks on someone or chatting some interesting things. Without them, I couldn’t imagine that how boring my school life would be.


Socrates, Greek Philosopher, said “Knowing thyself is the height of wisdom.

Until now, I always think that realize myself is very difficult, and I hope that in the future, I can understand myself more and know what to do, such as finding a job I like and not just for the pay or setting a goal to achieve.

Tina Cheng

Age 7-12


It was my first time to see sakura in Mt. Ali.

Between the ages of seven to twelve, I was the girl wearing a short hair. With big eyes and big smile, I was an endearing child. However, different from my appearance, I was clever and mischievous. There were always many jokes I would like to play, but just in my mind. Sometimes I wondered that if every child in the same age had similar experience like me? I loved to read books, and I liked to dream. I was a girl living in a fairy tale, looking at this world in a bright side and enjoying living in my kingdom.


Age 13-18


I was graduated from junior high school!

During my adolescence, I left my kingdom. It’s time for me to face the reality in the world. Test papers are the one I had to fight for. Strangely, I was unaware of being tired at this time. I was not happy indeed, but I never had an idea of giving up. During this period, I always thought about my dream and my future. It probably was the main reason supported me to go through this process. I believe one day I can come back to my castle; I can portrait my outline about my own future.


Age 19-22


I traveled alone in Japan.

The time in university must be the happiest time in my life! I learn how to be independent and how to take care of myself. Living in a dormitory is a good way to learn these things. Being a college student is the longest time I leave home and stay with peers. I start to become brave and try to take challenge that I never thought I could achieve. I would like to complete everything I plan to do in this time. Traveling alone, writing a short story…etc. One day, when I throw back, I want no regret!


Age 22~

Next year will be the last year for my school life. It is too fast for most of us to accept this fact. Leaving school means “we are not students anymore.” When the graduated day comes, I may be very upset. I wish myself always stay true. Remember that there will be always a girl in mind believes the world is wonderful, just like the ages in childhood.

Yvonne Chiu



3 thoughts on “Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be? : A Glimpse into Our Lives

  1. Stella:
    We have many similar memories. I also used to sit on my father’s bicycle for a joyride and also did “bad” things secretly. I have also been troubled by two things: anxiety and society relations. But fortunately, we all ended up solving our problems in an optimistic way.
    Maybe we are in a confused age, but it does not matter. One day we will find a beacon to guide us forward and reach the ideal destination.
    I am enjoying my life as a child does.


  2. Life is one of the most difficult things to master but by reading your stories and knowing that we may have faced the same struggles in the past or present makes it a lot easier to comprehend what is going on in life and how to go on in life. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed it a lot.


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