【My Travel Dairy in Taiwan】

By Tian Tian

When I received the overseas student invitation letter from National Pingtung University, I knew that this half-year exchange career could be the most unforgettable experience in my college life.


【2018.3.4  Hello, Taiwan】

Shanghai—-Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport

A senior student of NPTU waited patiently for us to get off the plane,and then we were picked up on the bus to the school.

Sitting in the car, I just felt that the sky was blue, the clouds were white, the streets were clean, and people were very cool when they were riding motorcycles.

On the first day, we saw the sunset glow in Taiwan. In the light of sunset, I walked step by step on the streets of Taiwan and the motorcycles rushed past me.

921C1BA1-17A0-4976-979A-A2B5EFED3BAF(20180528-214The first delicious meal I ate in Taiwan was friendly smiles from lovely people. They were warm-hearted enough to help us and chat with us.

Like in a dream, I embarked on this beautiful treasure island.

Taiwan, I really come to your side.


【3.16-3.18   Hello, Little Ryukyu [Xiao Liu Qiu]】

My first trip was to go to Little Ryukyu. Two lucky girls, maybe it was destined that Ryukyu was the first place we will travel in Taiwan for us.

It was a fine day, we saw the beautiful sunset at Sunset Pavilion. Everything around us was beautiful, the calm sea, the dancing seagulls in the air, the sweet lovers, the healthy old people, and us in our wonderful youth. We just looked at the sunset above the sea quietly.800E15D4-3AD6-4030-A276-2FA160126350(20180319-081The next day, we traveled around the island. We were wearing cute safety hats, riding electric cars, breathing the sea breeze, we opened our hands and embraced our girlhood.


We’ve never seen the sea like this, so we were all excited.

【Goodbye, little Ryukyu】


【4.4–4.5     Kenting】

I have always had a beautiful yearning for Kengting. Sure enough, it did not disappoint me.

Our first destination in Kenting is Lake Houbi. The waves there were the most beautiful waves I’ve ever seen. The sound of the waves never stops, like countless strangers saying I love you.

The second destination  was South Bay Beach. I used to see this kind of beach on television only, sexy girls in bikinis, handsome surfers, kids walking on the sea, surfing boats…

Everything is so beautiful in the sunset.


The third destination, the south of the border, the southernmost point of Taiwan. I wanted to put the blue sky near the sea in my memory and steal it .Just looking at the sea quietly, perhaps, the wind blowing through my hair, from the mainland to the sea came to me.

The fourth destination, the Longpan Park. It was the first time that I saw such a beautiful prairie in Taiwan. We reached the commanding height of the prairie and looked down at the southernmost ocean in Taiwan. That kind of beauty was something that my words could not express.


As if everything were primitive, birds chirping, sheep eating grass, wild boar and bison swinging. Clean and comfortable picture, beautiful suffocating nature, I love.

【Kenting, goodbye】


【5.4—5.6  Green Island & Taitung】

Reminiscent of the journey to Green Island, there was a bittersweet taste.

Because the day was very windy and the waves were turbulent, the boat shook very hard. The passengers of the entire boat were vomiting and vomiting comes and go.

The taste of vomiting was really uncomfortable. We were all like poisoning. Moreover, the vomit of others is really unpleasant. We were not in the mood to see the shimmering sea take pictures.

Fortunately, the scenery of Green Island did not disappoint us.


On the second day of the Green Island, the weather was very good. We started cycling around the island. Three lovely girls, me and Xiaomin, both like a madman, were singing  the running song loudly on the road and shouted: The sea, we love you.


We climbed to Niutou Mountain and once again stood at the commanding height overlooking the ocean.

The water of the Green Island are very clean and clear.  Perhaps because of the good weather, the sea looks particularly blue. The sea is an unfathomable mystery to me and I decided to experience underwater diving.


In the first 40 minutes of underwater diving, I really enjoyed the feeling of being completely drowning in the sea. Looking up and see the blue sky through the blue water. I think that is the most beautiful sky I have ever seen because the sky was covered with the sea color.

Unfortunately, when I was about to land, I was stung by poisonous coral stings, and the scar is still not good now. But I believe that the scar is the special gift of the sea to me and the sea wants me to remember it forever.


The trip to Chishang of Taitung round my rural dream. Berlan Avenue seems a fairyland on earth.


The green rice paddy is a carpet under the blue sky. This carpet is full of strength. It can purify your soul, it will let you forget about the world’s noise,it will let you enjoy the beauty of the sight,it will cherish the beauty of the moment.


We ran in the fields and we rode our bicycles on the country trail.

At that time, we were free and simple.

【Green Island, Taitung   See you 】


At the departure station on Chishang , we all knew that this may be our first and last visit to this beautiful place. But none of us were sad, because we had been here, and in the future, these beautiful scenery will live forever in our memory.

Go out to see, to breathe, to feel, to love. Love yourself, love others, love life, love the world.


Life continues. We are always on the road.

It’s good to be young.


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