Buddhism in Myanmar by Maochat

This picture shows the Shwedagon pagoda, which is located in Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. This is the most famous Golden pagoda, and it’s also the feature of Myanmar’s Cultures.




Although Myanmar is not a rich country in Southeast Asia, the people are spiritually rich!  In Myanmar 90% local people believe in Buddhism. They believes our life can reincarnation (To be made flesh) after to dying.  they also think  contribute to  Buddha  it can bring all their life happiness,  therefore, they are very willing to path with contribute money for pagoda, temple, Mom, and Nun, their children ( boy) will strive for virtue and leave the home for three times in their life. Boy it can get marriage again after when they are secularization. but Nun who can’t secularization and get marriage in Myanmar. if someday, you come to Myanmar that you will see most of  famous tourism is related to Buddhism.



Nuns beg alms on the street



Monks are barefooted to beg alms on the street


water festival   Water festivalboy

Myanmar culture and art


Myanmar language

“Thevada” Buddhism ( Hinayana) 

Myanmar is the most developed of country for Buddhism culture in Southeast Asian area. The introduction of Buddhism into Myanmar has a history of 2500 years, and Myanmar became a unified country in 1044 years.

Buddhism is affects the Myanmar’s cultures, art, and people’s living. even the language it also profound affects. In Burmese,  spiritual richness and economic poverty exist singularly.  the “Anawrahta” ( 1015- 1078) (the founder of the Burgan Dynasty in Myanmar, the religious reform and the Mahayana Buddhism were deeply rooted in the people of Myanmar. 


There are many different sets of Buddhism, the most common of which are “Hinayana” and “Mahayana” Buddhism



There are many different sets of Buddhism, the most common of which are “Hinayana ” and “Mahayana” Buddhism.

Countries that believe in “Hinayana” Buddhism include Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia so on. 

Faith in “Mahayana” Buddhism’ countries : China, Japan, Vietnam, KHMer,Sri vijaya.

reclining buddha

Although there are different sets of Buddhism, they all share the same ideas, Urging people to practice as much as possible, no life is killed. Both “Mahayana” Buddhism and “Hinayana” Buddhism have something to learn from.

If you want to understand more Buddhism cultures select to Myanmar, it’ also better choice.



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