Easy Plush Rabbit Keychain: Let’s Learn How to Sew

I chose to demonstrate how to make a plush rabbit keychain because it is composed of very simple shapes and fuzzy fabric is very forgiving (the fuzz will cover up any sewing mistakes you make).  This project took me around 6 hours but keep in mind that I was multitasking during these hours so the time isn’t dedicated. And by multitasking I mean I was watching Youtube. This is also why you’ll see my hands move off camera every now and then. I was distracted. This is however, my recommended way of get into sewing because sewing can be very draining due to repetitive and tedious movements. Combining sewing with your choice of entertainment can make it a lot more enjoyable.

You will need:

Fuzzy fabric: You can buy this at a fabric shop.

Accent fabric: Any scrap cloth or old clothes are good.

Polyester stuffing: Aka. man-made cotton.

Plastic eyes and nose: You can buy these at a haberdashery. Sometimes stationary stores also carry them.

Keychain and accessories: You can buy these at crafts stores or stationary stores.

Needle and thread: Most people have these in the house somewhere but if you don’t they’re especially cheap to buy at hardware shops.



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